The Irish Left Review is Launched

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With a certain trembling of my typing hands I write that The Irish Left Review has just been launched. It is a new online political magazine which will discuss how a broad left can work together to change Irish politics.

While the magazine will provide regular essays, articles and columns it will not have a definite monthly publishing regime. This is the Web after all, so articles will be published regularly stretched out across weeks, rather than on a monthly issue by issue basis.

We’re really pleased with the pieces we’ve managed to gather for the launch. Our essay is on definitions of class in Ireland by Conor McCabe of Dublin Opinion in which he discusses the work of the American scholar Michael Zweig and his dissection of the ‘new middle class’ trope that is created to suggest that working people should be happy with their lot, because they never had it so good.

Alex Klemm has an excellent piece on the need to focus on Ireland’s immigrant communities when it comes to seeking left wing voters. As she points out, in other European countries such voters tend to vote left.

WorldbyStorm of Cedar Lounge Revolution has written an article which describes the ways that Irish Left wing parties can come together politically to form a broad alliance of the left in Ireland and Stephanie Lord of Musin and Confusin deals with how women are under represented in Irish politics and despite all the talk of rectifying the situation asks why there has been no change.

Finally, as part of a regular monthly column on Cinema, Seanachie of Pleasures of Underachievement has written on the debacle between a Communist mayor and behemoths of French film exhibition, UGC and MK2 over the funding of a modest municipal cinema, Cinéma Méliès in the Parisian working-class suburb of Montreuil.

Of course, this is only the beginning. We are only finding our way, but expect many more articles and columns in the coming days, weeks and months.

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