Whoever You Vote For, the Government Get In!

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You probly have not have noticed, but in the United States of America at the moment there is a dramatic historical event taking place that will change forever the face of politics. In the race for the presidency, both of the candidates for the Democratic Party nomination are from a minority. If either Hillary Clinton or Barack O’Bama win the presidency, it will be the first time ever that the United States has had a president with an Irish inheritance. Consequently, all their relations in Ireland is cheering on the candidates and hoping they both will win, although they are preferring Hillary a little bit more because they remember when her husband was president and came over to Northern Ireland in order to interfere in the war there (which is what American presidents are paid to do).

Hillary, whose full name is Hillary Rodman Clinton, is well known for advocating the universal health care, social sufficiency, and for wanting to turn all the country’s cities into villages, as outlined in her book It Takes a Village People. Specifically, she wants all cities to become like the Greenwich Village, a neighborhood of New York which is full of bourgeois bohemians (such as herself), as well as feckless homosexualists, violent poets, and flaming anarcho-syndicalists. Is a big disgrace! And also it demonstrate conclusively that Hillary have no idea whatsoever what real village life is like. Where, for instance, will all the peasants live? What weapons will the priests be allowed to carry to protect and defend themselves against communists? At what time will the curfew come into effect? Who will supply the angel dust? She has no answers to any of these questions, and I am amazed that O’Bama has not drawn attention to this.

There is a further problem with Hillary’s campaign, too, which is her image: She is not able to fake sincerity anything like as well as other politicians. You would think she could get lessons from her husband, who was famous for his fake charm and charisma, but I espect she doesn’t want to be accused of nepotism or of spendthrift practices, which make perfect sense given that she will be a woman in charge of the nation’s shopping. Sadly, her failure to cheer up properly mean that people are saying she is a bit of a cold fish and that when she smile it look more like a death-bed rictus than empathic warmth. For any world leader this is a major concern. As the people of Ireland can testify, it is much less painful to be screwed by the government when it is cuddly and approachable. You might even feel admiration for its cuteness. Hillary is just not cute.

As for O’Bama himself, I don’t not know the first thing about him. But he is my favourite.

Regardless of which of the Democratic candidates win the nomination, they will still have to get past the Republican nominee, John McCain, the Oven Chip fridge magnate, who has already beaten off all his rivals in his own party (this is the traditional way the Republicans choose their nominee). In addition to being the Republican candidate, McCain is also the Manchurian Candidate, having spent many of his formative years as a prisoner of the Vietnamese. For many Americans, McCain’s sacrifice for his country during a time of war is regarded as a positive attribute, yet I cannot help but think that they are forgetting two things: (1) He got caught. It demonstrates a definite lack of circumspection when even a moron like George W. Bush was able to avoid getting captured by the Vietnamese; and (2) Should the American people really trust a man who has spent so much time associating with terrorists? After all, let’s not forget Terry Waite, who returned home from Beirut physically in one piece but mentally deranged, spouting some sinister and psychopathic philosophy about turning the other cheek and loving one’s enemy. Where did all that all come from!? Is a classic case of Stockhausen syndrome.*

Of course, anyone who knows anything about American politics will appreciate that this entire circus is an irrelevancy. As you can see in the photograph of the three candidates above, they are all very similar in terms of their style as well as in their policies. But more to the point, the Judaeo-Masonic conspiracy that runs the secret government of the United States is not going to let something as important as ruling the country depend on the vagaries of the electoral process. They have learned what we in Spain knew more than 70 years ago: The people are scum and cannot be trusted to do anything correct, let alone wield political power. Even though I regard myself as a stalwart and lifelong enemy of the Illuminati cabal that runs America, even I recognise that it is better to have a dictatorship of evildoers than no dictatorship at all.

Rather than make people go through the tedious and irrelevant process of voting, it may be more fun and just as instructive for the candidates to perform in front of Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Abdul Paula, and then let the nation’s teenage girls phone in to decide. Who would win, do you think? Would it be O’Bama’s boyish good looks? Hillary’s Girl Power? or maybe McCain’s gnarly avuncularity? I do not know, but then it does not matter: The true winner will be television, and these days, that seem to be all that matters!

*Karl-Heinz Stockhausen was a music composer who described the attacks of 9/11 as the greatest work of art imaginable. Admiration for one’s enemy such as this is also known as Fiskitis.

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