Pretty Ugly in Pink

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Once again, the socialist prime minister of Spain, the moron Zapatero, has made a laughing stock of our country by including seven middle-aged women in his cabinet, making it the first mostly female cabinet in Spanish history. El Generalisimo must be spinning in his grave like a strombola. Is this what we fought the Civil War for Golf for? No! We fought it so that men would have good food on the table when they come home after a vigiourous 18 holes, so that our children would have someone masculine and powerful to admire and also someone to wipe their arseholes, so that the bordellos would be filled with exotic, accommodating foreing women and the churches filled with pious gossiping mean-spirited pinch-faced worn-out Spanish women. Is a big disgrace that everything is going bottoms up!

To make matters worse, the Italian pompernel Silvio Berlusconi, who himself has only just managed to squeeze back into his prime ministerial corset, has been making jokes about it. He is saying to have said that Zapatero’s government is “surrendering the pink,” a technical term which means that they have sold out to the Soft Left (such as the trades unions, the labia movement, and so on). When your government is being made fun of by an ageing misogynistic cruise-ship entertainer with dyed hair, you know you are in trouble. Zapatero will have to bring out the big guns, I espect, and retaliate using Julio Iglesias.

But you know, none of this would have happened, were it not for the fact that the only reason Zapatero include these women in his cabinet in the first place was to encourage sales for their crappy calendar!

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