The Tentacles of the Illuminati Reach Everywhere!


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Endearing Ingenue, Country Pumpkin, or Simple Puppet of His Evil Taskmasters?

a100_0_worzel2.JPGAccording to the newspapers here in Las Canarias, the people of London, England, have voted in for their new mayor a complete idiot who is very smart, the man named Boris Johnson, grandson of Samuel Boswell, who founded The Spectator magazine.

This was not entirely unespected but his opponent, an incumbent, was once very popular with Cockerneys and had been at his post for what seem like more than a decade. However, because he eschew the limelight, he reduce his silhouette and everyone forget that he is mayor, while Johnson is appearing everywhere: in magazines, in newspapers, on television quiz comedy shows such as Question Time, and cetera. His bumbling, idiotic persona make him very popular with a people who want their politicians to be just like them: fallible incompetent moronics. This is precisely why George W. Bush is always winning in America. He does not need to rig the elections. The people elect a cretin because the people are cretins. What is the big surprise?

However, I am also hearing the rumours that Johnson is not in actuality such a tard but that this is just a mask which he put on in order to decept the voting masses. People is saying that Johnson was the editor of a magazine and was also a Rhodes Schollage at public school, which apparently mean that he is secretly brainy and only pretend to be dimwit in order for people to like him and feel superior to him. This is I think just the begrudgeful theorizing of an atheist communist left who hate losing and have to find a reason for it not in their own crapness but in the duplicitous tricking of the public, which thereby make them look ethical for running a decent, honest campaign while their opponent can only win by using underarm methods such as being likeable.

The real story here, however, which everyone miss, is that the only way Johnson could possibly win was because he have the backing of shady lucrative bigwigs who have an agenda that nobody know about. Is very clear to me that the fingers of the Illuminati Judaeo-Roman conspiracy are underneath Johnson, making sure that he was winning the election in order to discredit any authentically right-wing philosophy and politics. This election was really only business as usual as far as they are concerned. Once the people are being bored by the usual procedures and the same old faces, the Illuminati introduce a fresh face who the general public is thinking offers something new but who is really just another one of their stooges (there are three of them, I think). The elite who controls things like the economy, elections, television, schools, pornography, and protestantism ensure that the facade of democracy sustain the acquiescence of the idiot masses so that they can continue going about the business of Satan.

Let us be clear about this. Johnson is a genuine threat to all decent thinking fascists everywhere. The last thing we need right now is some kind of buffoonish clown who will make our beliefs look like the ridiculous idiotic absurdities they are. Will be a big problem for us to convince the imbecile people of Britain that we are telling the truth: When we say to them that Johnson is just a big tool, they laugh and say yes he is but then we like him anyway!

The sooner we abolish the vote, the better, I say. This would not have happened in Franco’s day.

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5 Responses

  1. Gar

    May 12, 2008 7:11 am

    I’ve a theory that conspiracy theories are hatched regularly by an underground subcommittee of the Illuminati, the Jesuits and the CIA in order to confuse all levelheaded thinking people and immobilise them into social inertia, thus helping to preserve the status quo and keep the tv soaps viewer ratings high. And just because everybody except me is paranoid doesn’t mean I’m not watching youse.

  2. Magritte

    May 12, 2008 1:40 pm

    Manuel peut etre une conspiration illusoire. Ceci ce n’est pas une affiche.

  3. Manuel Estimulo

    May 12, 2008 2:20 pm

    Hola Margritte!–

    I do not recognize the language you use. Is it some kind of cipher? I shall dig out my Franco-Surrealish codebook. Then I will be able to translate it from Surrealish into Franco-speak.

  4. Magritte

    May 12, 2008 11:20 pm

    Le Surrealish n’est pas necessaire. Vous pouvez parler le Franglais ou le Franco-lais. Ces langues sont des creations par la conspiration illusoire des Illuminati, des Jesuites et du CIA.

    Ceci ce n’est pas une affiche.