The Lisbon Treaty: Confusion Rains!!


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Enda Kenny Has a Hotline to Hitler!

The pious devout people of lovely pissing Ireland go to the poles today in order to pass their opinion on the Lisbon Treaty, an important document that will facilitate the efficient running of the European superstate: Making things run more efficient is usually a euphemism which mean to take all the mucky democracy out of processes (look, for instance, at how Mussolini make the trains more run on time: He did not do it using democracy!) Therefore, you would think that someone like me, a religious, disciplinarian, holy believer in all things authoritarian, would automatically be opting for the YES camp in this referendum, albeit in spite of the fact that I don’t think people should be having a vote in the first place. You would be wrong, however, if that is what you think. For, if the Irish newspapers are to be believed (and that’s another story!), it would seem that all the people like me in Ireland are in the NO camp. Nationalists, patriots, Holy Roman Catholics, anti-abortionists, anti-homosexuals (but who may or may not be doing research into lady lesbians), anti-immigrationists, and people who wish Gay Byrne was still running the country are all saying that the Treaty should be rejected because it allow the Eurocrats to set Irish tax rates, legalize trades unions, make homosexuality compulsory, and, worstest of all, establish a European-wide superstate army which is at odds with Ireland’s long tradition of sneaky fighting. Is all very much confusing!

You might think that what all these NO people are forgetting is that the European superstate was originally the idea of Adolf Hitler and therefore should be instinctively supported. I was reading recently a very good book, although it was also a bit academic and therefore not to be trusted, called The Wages of Destruction, about how Hitler make Germany such a wonderful place to live in with his fascist esconomic policies. The author of the book is observing that Hitler’s plan was always to unite Europe in opposition to the United States. Hitler could already see which way the wind was blowing in the early 20th century: Britain as an empire was in decline after World War I, Germany did not have colonies and needed to espand into Eastern Europe not by making its people slaves like England had done but by driving the people there out and giving the land to proper Germans (he must have got the idea from the Plantations in Ireland!), and the United States, which was run by the Judaeo-Masonic Illuminati cabal, was the rising force in the world that would dominate everything if it was not stopped. Even I must grudgingly admit that, even though Hitler was not a proper fascist, at least he got all this right!

The European Community was effectively established in original in order to help cement the opposition to America, to make life easier for Interpol (Hitler’s old international police force), and to prevent ever again a war between Germany and France, who realized that only by pooling resources could they compete in the American century (was also a way of sticking up two fingers back at Winston Churchill and the English, with their so-called “Special Reliationship” with the American Illuminati). Little by little the plan has taken shape to integrate all the other countries into the European Union, all of them under the umbrella of France and Germany, bought off with economic aid and gravy train bribes for each nation’s civil servants, so that finally Hitler’s dream of a hegemonic counterforce to the American beast was formed.

Why then are Ireland’s fascists so opposed to the European superstate? Well, Manuel, you say to me, they are not. Fine Gael, who was always Ireland’s fascists in the good old days, are supporting Hitler’s dream. At least they are being consistent. Good point, reader, I will say in reply, but Enda Kenny and her minions took off their jackboots many years ago and pass them on to such devout organizations as Youth Defence, Coir, Sinn Fein, and Libertas. How come it is today’s fascists who are complaining?

Wait a minute, Manuel, you say, annoying me now a little bit because this is my blog. Who is this Libertas that you are name-dropping? Is this a right-to-life organization or some odd far right movement that pretend to include freedom in its objectives? For that is what it sound like. Yes, you are right, I reply with remarkable tolerance, indeed it does, but in fact what it is, is an organization of American defence contractors who are opposed to the Lisbon Treaty because it undermines American hegemonic interests. The United States Illuminati will do everything in their power to ensure that Israel is defended and that no continental rivals will arise to compete in the race for oil, wind power, hamburgers, Hollywood supermodels, and hard drugs (the real reason why the war is being fought in Afghanistan). Although Libertas is saying that the Lisbon Treaty is undermining democracy and Ireland’s national sovereignty, they are not fully explaining to the public why this is a bad thing, and the reason they cannot do that is that they do not believe it. But then neither do I, for that matter – an international brotherhood of fascists is a contradiction in terms unless we are willing to meet each other half way.

And therein lies the crux of the matter. I think today’s modern Irish fascists have not yet come to terms with the idea of surrendering some national sovereignty for the greater good of a European pan-fascist superstate. Only Fine Gael and the farmers’ unions, traditionally the two bastions of Irish fascism, have been playing the game long enough to understand that fascism must move with the times: Fascism must look backwards but move forwards. An international feudal superstate will not be established unless we can convince fascists across the continent to unite.

Join me then in saying to the good people of Ireland:

Vote NO to the Judaeo-Masonic American Hegemonic Supremacy!!

Vote YES to Hitler’s Dream!!




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3 Responses

  1. Donagh

    June 17, 2008 1:12 pm

    Note from slovenly ILR Editor: The attentive reader will notice that Manuel wrote this before the vote was cast and its clear from the result that Ireland wants to be part of the Judaeo-Masonic American Hegemonic Supremacy (and to make Declan Ganley President of Ireland, no doubt). It has been up on his blog since Thursday but I was visiting his beautiful country and have only got around to putting it up on ILR now. Still, I think his original point about Enda Kenny stands.