How Could They Tell?

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The British Police Respect Tradition!!

I am not in the habit of reading the rubbish Catalan newspapers with their improper language, but a story in a local newspaper in Lleida catch my eye because is typical of two things: (1) modern socialist Spain and (2) idiot Catalans.

The story (is English version here) recount how a 29-year-old man with a history of mental illness broke into a locker in the police station in Lleida and stole a uniform. He put it on and then leave the station, saying “Hola” to other police officers as he leave, and then he go into the town centre and begin directing the traffic! According to the newspaper, he was out there directing traffic for an hour before he was stopped. The report says he “caught the eye of police because of his dishevelled appearance, his “bizarre gestures” and the fact that he was not carrying a weapon or wearing a belt.”

Hmm. Is a very likely story, I don’t not think!

I have it on very good authority that the police impostor was making such a good fisting of traffic directing that in reality he was sent out for three more consecutive days to do the same job. “Traffic has not flowed so well in the town since we removed the speed bumps outside the old people’s home,” said the chief of police.

If you know the depths to which the police in Spain have fallen since the days of El Generalísimo, you will know what a crock of shit reporting this article is. Since when did a police officer’s dishevelled appearance arouse anyone’s suspicions? These days they are all having the nose rings, shirts hanging out, bad breath, and ridiculous accents. None of them wear a belt, and under the present lily-livered socialist atheist government, I am surprise that they even have one gun between the lot of them!

Very much about this news item make me think that it is a belated April Fool’s article that is only now just being reported. The so-called “bizarre gestures” being made by the officer were probly nothing more than the old-fashioned Falangist salute, as demonstrated in the picture above by a well-intentioned British policeman, named Bobby, giving a comradely greeting to a fellow British police officer, also named Bobby. My suspicion is that the Spanish police these days are so lacking in historical awareness that they just did not recognize this gesture when it was made in their direction. Is a very very sad day for Spain when that happen. Please, I would recommend to all my Irish and British readers that the next time they go to Spain, they should make a point of giving the Falangist salute to any police officer they see in the street, just in order to remind them of where they come from!

Anyway, there is one final nail in the coffin which make me know this story is a total and utter complete fabrication, and here it is. Since when did a history of mental illness disqualify you from the police force? This is news to me! In the old days, when I was working with the police, you couldn’t get in without one!!

I think is a big disgrace!

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