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Si, is the former Atlético Madrid moron and now Scouse bastard Fernando Torres, who score the winning goal for Spain last weekend in the esciting final of the Eurovision Football Championships against the rubbish Germans to secure for Spain their first proper international football trophy since the days of el Generalísimo himself. Was a wonderful, wonderful occasion, and all good Spanish people naturally give thanks to God for standing by his Chosen People in the match against the Lutherans, but neverthenonetheless, we are wondering and asking ourselfs, why did it take so long?!

I will tell you esactly why it was. Was because Spain is not having had a strongman dictator who could unify the nation’s football team like el Generalísimo was able to do back in 1964, the last time we win. Only now, with the superb genius maniac racist Sergio Aragonés in charge, did the team play as a beautiful, harmonious unit; he even manage to do it while having a black man in the side! (Let us not forget, of course, that el Generalísimo himself had Islamic Moors on his team who played an important role in restoring Christianity to Spain. Is what is known as dramatic irony.)

I think that we can view this great victory for fascism as a metaphor for society as a whole. Is only when Catalans such as Xavi, Fabregas, Puyol, and cetera do what they are told by a Madrileño like Aragonés that they are capable of achieving any real success. Had they been left to their own devices, they would have been speaking their own ridiculous language that no-one else can understand, selling their grandparents into slavery, and shitting by the corner flags. This would of course have made Spain look ridiculous; even the Greeks would have pointed and laughed. United and disciplined under the glorious flag of Spain, however, they can put their wayward character and natural meanness to use for the benefit of the team-and by estension, the country-as a whole; not giving the ball away, kicking opponents while the referee is not looking, and passing the ball to the brilliant though misguided Madrileño Torres so that he can score and take the thoroughly deserved glory.

Is typical of modern-day “democratic” Spain, however, that they have now decide to let Aragonés leave! He is going off to Fenerbahçe, near Leeds, in order to manage a local club team there. It only go to show that there is a feminist atheist communist elite in control of this country who despise sports and everything it stand for: nationalism, virility, unity, self-sacrifice, muscles, kicking things, sexism, conservative social values, irrational hatred of strange people, and so on. They do not want the Spain to be sportingly successful because such success breeds pride, and atheist communists want people not to be proud but to be ashamed to be Spanish. Is a big disgrace.

I have already read in the newspapers that someone name Steve Staunton is being lined up for the manager’s job. Fortunately, I read, he has some international esperience, so perhaps I am being too alarmist. Let us wait and see how he performs.

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