Drew Westen: What Obama Needs to Do in Denver

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Drew Westen: What Obama Needs to Do in Denver

Drew Westen, author of the brilliant The Political Brain gives us his thoughts on what Obama needs to do at the Convention. In brief – define himself and his story, explain how the US got to the low point it's now at, explain why John McCain would make a very bad President – 'a man who has stood on every side of every issue except for the one about which he has stood strong (that he wants to be president)' – and finally he needs to deal head on with McCain's attacks and then hit back. Hard.


One Response

  1. Donagh

    August 26, 2008 1:28 pm

    Yes, it promises to be a very interesting campaign, going by the last couple. Will Obama maintain his ‘decency’ in the face of tried and tested Republician scare tactics? But will this perpetuate the ‘professorial’ aura, which will continue to alienate the already alienated blue collar democrats. Interesting listening to Michelle emphasising both her and her husbands humble origins. Good article.