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The Wisdom of Old Men Has Been Earned. Is Not Just Bloody Senility!

Although lovely Holy pissing Ireland has always shunned bigheads and know-it-alls and have always been suspicious of thinking, up the country you will still find a great deal of respect for the job of teacher, especially as a job for ugly spinster girls who miss out on having children; it does not matter that much what is taught so long as she feel she can play a part in society and the subject matter is not too taxing on her or her students; theology, home economics, English, and so on.

In the cities, too, there is also great respect for teachers, although cities tend to be attracting socialist communist atheist teachers, with leather patches on their elbows, scratchy beards, sociology, and so-called “knowledge,” all of which justifiably arouses the ire and mistrust of the true Irishman and lady who have little time for fanciful theories about evolution, deaconstructuralism, the Platypus complex, and the Prague Defenstruations. Is all too airy-fairy and abstract for them and leave no room for the hard, concrete, revealed truths of Holy Roman Catholicism that is essential to their very being.

Interestingly, this is also why Ireland have a long tradition and history of robust Catholic writers (I avoid to use the term “thinkers” because I know they would balk at being so described), who have done their best to stay the tide of intellectualism that threatens to overwhelm Irish culture. These powerhouses of decency (I am thinking of such giants as Kevin Myers, John Waters, Gay Byrne, Mary Kenny, Edna Kenny, Kenny Lynch, and so on) are like the brave Daniel in that book the Book of Daniel, who go into the lion’s den, taking on the enemy on their own turf, namely language and thinking, but without compromising or sullying their own purity.

Now there is added another name to this star-studdled list, namely, the brilliant sagacious Desmond Fennell, who is writing in the Irish Times, that liberal atheist refuge of West Brits, Jackeens, Latte drinkers, and urban homosexualists. I am having been reading it regularly in anticipation of my return to Ireland as part of the process of reacclimatatingzing myself (I have also been standing in a cold shower for three hours, sitting in my car with the engine running while going nowhere, playing Swingball on the beach with a piece to driftwood, and making shoddy repairs to my guttering then throwing away €300). Thus it was my good fortune to read Mr. Fennell’s wonderful article only last week which encapsulated in microcosm the core of my philosophy and argument about the need for a return to feudalism.

Mr. Fennell make the insightful point about how, ever since Western society decided in the 1960s that women should be educated and have jobs, they have got ideas above their station and decided not to have babies. Now, of course, I realize that this is nothing new: Ladies have never wanted to have babies because childbirth usually kills them and is estremely painful indeed (both of these, incidentally, prove that evolution is total rubbish); this is precisely why all human societies in the past have felt it necessary to keep women in subjugation and fetlocks: to make sure they have babies. The point that the astute and insightful Mr. Fennell make is that it was only in the 1960s that society suddenly decide to take seriously such ridiculous ideas as human rights and letting people have a choice about reproducing. And let’s not forget that this was also the time when contraceptions was allowed, especially in Protestant countries. Indeed, it was the Protestants who started the rot in Western civilization, back in the 16th century. Is possible to trace a shitline through history of Protestant subversion all the way back to then, with its introduction of the printing press, mass literacy, education, human rights, enlightenment “values,” the internal combustion engine, penicillin, all the way down to television, books, magazines, and the rubber johnny. I know! Is almost as bad as the Jews!

Long before the modern world and all its decadencies was invented, women was having babies left, right and center. Si, is true, lots of ladies died in escruciating pain, but it didn’t stop them having children, and besides, what could be more natural and beautiful than the agony of childbirth? Moreover, like Fennell point out, Western culture must have been doing something right, otherwise how else could it have last so long and populated the world like the way, for instance, the Irish have? Even the Chinese, who have 4 billion people and a culture many thousands of years old, cannot match the genius of our Christian heritage. Indeed, with their one child per family policy, I think it is fair to say the Chinese will never amount to anything very much.

If we are going to compete with the filthy Muslims and countless Africans who, even now, are acquiring immunity to disease, starvation and drowning while jealously eyeing our natural resources, our women, and our SUVs, we must match them in fecundity, and this will require the return to feudalism I have been banging on about for years, like Moses in the Wilderness, in that book, Moses in the Wilderness. It will also require, distasteful as this might sound, lots and lots of uninhibited sex without the use of condoms or contraceptive pills or diaphragms or 69 or sodomy. If necessary, we will have to tie all the ladies in Ireland down and have sex with them incessantly. And before you think I am arguing in favour of rape, of course, I am not. This would be a big disgrace. No. All sexing couples must get married first. But I am sure that the Vatican can offer special dispensation so that Catholics can have a proper marriage the way Muslim men have with prostitutes. Maybe the Vatican might even have to look into polygamy: I realize geometry has never been their strong point, but someone will have to do it, if they want civilization to be saved.

So get the message out now: Have Rampant Sex to Save the West!

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One Response

  1. Conor McCabe

    August 31, 2008 6:42 pm

    “Mr. Fennell make the insightful point about how, ever since Western society decided in the 1960s that women should be educated and have jobs, they have got ideas above their station and decided not to have babies.”

    I’ve got a feeling that ever since Fennell stopped getting the ride, he’s had it in for the ladies.