There is Only One Iron Man!!!


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Eat Your Heart Out, Padre Pio!!

Si, is well-known American actor Tony Danza, who play Robert Stack, aka Iron Man in the new Hollywood blockbuster movie, also, coincidentally, called Iron Man. Once again we see the disgusting blasphemous heresy that happen when Americans get their hands on the story of Jesus and try to make it into a popular form in order to appeal to the ignorant masses, dumbing it down to the common lowest abominator. This Iron Man is clearly Jesus, as you can see, with the stigmata in his hands and feet and chest, and, like Jesus, he is also able to fly. Escept in this new version, he have to wear a magic mitten, like Padre Pio, to use his stigmata power, and the ability to fly is the result of scientific technology, the new religion of Americans that enable them to do things like make the atom bomb, the motor car, and soap. I hope you will not go and see it. I have and it is rubbish. He doesn’t even die in the end, like Jesus did.

I mention Iron Man only because there was a report in the BBC last week about another, much better movie about how the real pope, John Paul #2, was able to survive an asssassination attempt in 1982 that was covered up all this time. According to the story:

a deranged priest drew blood when he tried to kill John Paul with a bayonet during a religious ceremony at the Fatima shrine.

Hmm. Is a likely story, I don’t not think! For one thing, the idea of a derange priest is a contradiction in terms. There can, by definition, be no such thing. So we know already that this priest was not derange. Also, who is using a bayonet these days to kill anyone? Only Corporal Jones in the English comedy series The Young Ones, who is always saying, “They Don’t Half Like It Up Em, Mom!” No. Was much more likely that the priest was carrying a carving knife, like in the Psycho shower scene, in that movie, Porkys. In the video you can even hear him make the noise, going “Eek, eek, eek, eek,” as he stab at the real pope.

The real pope’s loyal banker and bodyguard, Archbishop Paul Marcinckus, who helped get rid of the communist infiltrator John Paul #1, says in the article:

You can’t always believe what you see on television,

Which is very true. When they put Monty Python’s Life of Brian on TVE, I could not believe what I was seeing! Also, when they show Barcelona winning Champions League, was clearly a big hoax involving thousands of actors, much like that 9/11 show a few years back.

The real truth behind the story of the assassination attempt is not that it was covered up, but the fact that it was really the tit of the iceberg. During the real pope’s reign, there was over 250 assassination attempts made on his life by the followers of the usurper Bendedick, and all of them the real pope escape from, which is why they had to fake his death in the end.

For esample, when the real pope visited Knock, which is just about in Ireland, the tarmac of the ariport runway was being deliberately smeared with curare and arsenic, and also Baileys. The followers of the usurper Bendedick knew that the real pope hates to fly, and whenever he get off the plane, he kiss the ground out of gratitude for being back on terra firma again, much like Denis Bergkramp. So they think, “if we make the runway poison,” when he kiss it, he will die. Of course, they forget that the real pope is not just the holiest man in the world, but also the wisest, much wiser than that idiot the Dalai Lama who doesn’t even have his own country. The real pope had secreted about his person the antidotes to curare, arsenic and Baileys, and as soon as he feel his lips go numb and the room start to spin, he say to himself “I’ve had too much Baileys,” so he run to the bathrom and inject the antidote into his sternum like James Bond and give himself a jump start in the cubicles.

Another time, as I told you here, was when they try to kill him in his sleep by boiling him alive in warm water during a Popmobile ride. This time he was saved by the Swiss Guard with sponges, like in Jeux sans frottieres. This rescue of course have great iconographic significance because, as you remember, during the crucifixion, the Roman centurions was throwing sponges at Jesus to try to knock him off the cross.

The decisions to conceal all the assassination attempts on the real pope John Paul #2 was not taken lightly, but the panjandrums in the Vatican knew what they was doing and did not want to alarm the faithful with news of the massive evil conspiracy to dethrone the rightful heir. I have it on good authority, incidentally, that the real pope himself approved of these decisions and even today, in his prison cell in Castelgandolfo at the age of 88, he still think it was the right idea not to tell anyone.

So, to me there is only one Iron Man. Is not the man in the iron man costume. Is the iron man in the iron mask.

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2 Responses

  1. dina little

    January 28, 2009 4:01 pm

    Robert Downey jr. plays Tony stark.

    just for the record.
    As far as your comparisons to Jesus and Ironman…it’s a real stretch.
    I don’t see it.

    There is enough obvious evil out there, you don’t have too look under symbolic rocks.