THIS is how to run a country!!

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Si! Is Mohamed el-Hutt, the proud and once-mighty king of Morocco, sat with one of his smoking hookahs, played by Mariah Carrie, American songbird and daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Booby Fischer. His real name, of course, is Mohamed the Sixth, but nobody is allowed to call him that to his face because they have very tight strict laws on things like that in Morocco, which they make up for with really really loose laws on anal sex, Turkish delight, and cannibalism.

But is because of King Mohamed that I am being in a very cheerful and light-hearted disposition this week. Is because of him that I read the hilarious-making news about the young idiot boy in Morocco who was being sent to prison for being a Barcelona fan (is in English here).

The idiot boy change the slogan on the blackboard at school from “God, Country, King” to “God, Country, Barcelona” and they make him go to jail! How I laugh! Plus also, is wonderful to see that some countries are still upholing the traditions established by El Generalísimo all those years ago of putting in prison all Barcelona fans. Is only sad that we cannot still do it in Spain today.

Of course, the imprisoning of the idiot boy is probly to do with the estensive twinning that have taken place between Spain and Morocco over the years. Indeed, many of El Generalísimo’s best murderers were his Muslamic Moorish soldiers who come over with him from Morocco to save Spain for Christianity in the Spanish Civil War for Golf, even if was under false pretences (although El Generalísimo was leading a cruzada, he tell the Muslamic Moors that he was reconquering Spain from the Infidel and that they would get a chance to slaughter thousands of Christians in revenge for centuries of oppression, the occupation of Jerusalem, Cliff Richard, and so on). Still, as a result, there have always been great friendliness between Morocco and Spain, as esemplified by the present king’s retention of the best of El Generalísimo’s laws.

Some people are saying that this imprisoning of the idiot boy demonstrate that the king have no sense of humour and that such behaviours are out of place in the 21st century, when everywhere should be democracies and have the freedom of speech and disrespect for authority. This, to me, miss the point entirely, which is that Barcelona supporters should not ever be allowed to exhibit their allegiance in the streets. After all, in Singapore, you cannot spit or chew gum in public, in Austria you are not allowed to be black after dark, and in parts of England it is illegal to defecate in the street, so why should these deviants be any different, allowed to flaunt their disgusting beliefs in front of the eyes of women, children, and respectable property holders? Even in moron America, where they have the ridiculous separation of church and state, they would not tolerate a Satanist going into a classroom, scrawling “Lucifer is Lord” on the blackboard, then esposing his genitals to all the schoolgirls while singing the Star-Spangered Bangle. They would suspend him from all teaching duties straight away!

Besides anyway, is not true that the king is not having a sense of humour. His court, I am told, is full of the juggling dwarves, acrobatic midgets, disabled peoples doing magic tricks, funny epileptics, and all manner of esotic animals such as talking parrots, dancing bear, and singing mongkeys. Is must be like Ant & Dec’s Saturday Takeaway show all the time. Plus, after a night out down the pub with all his mates, Mohamed get to pull all the birds by waving his wads of cash and shout, “Everbody back to my palace!”

Is a joke!!

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