Is No Place Like Home!!

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Si. Is Manuel!! (Is not my hand though)

The Christmas is approaching nearby, and is time for everyone who have a home to go to to go there, escept for the homeless, who probly go to a park or a shelter or the Nou Camp (I make no comment this week about the disgraceful ridiculous performance last week of the “Catalan” team of Argentineans, Africans and other assorted foreingers who should all also be sent home to where they come from since they do nothing to contribute to Spanish culture and unity). As you are probly already knowing, since I am retired and living in the Canarias, going home is a bit of an underclimax, since I am already there. Therefore, I decide instead to go to Spain to visit my brother Hornolo, since because he is my only remaining relative who is alive.

I am not sure what Hornolo will have in store for us for the Christmas, since his traditions are much diverge from my own. When we grow up together of course, we always spend the Christmas at Mass and do the usual eschange of gifts and presents, but after he leave home he change his habits and prefer to spend the holidays with unfamiliar ladies and at the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Of course, I am no stranger to the joys of the grape and the grain: I always take a good portion of Cardenal Mendoza in my mouth every St. Stephen’s Day and swirl it around for a good half a minute before spitting it out into the gutter for the poor to enjoy. But I suspect that Hornolo have develop a much higher level of tolerance for the pleasures of the flesh than I. He even let people hug him!!

I shall report back after the festivities, if I am still alive, and tell you all what novel esperiences I have, even though, as you know, I am no fan of novelty or of esperiences in general. They usually lead to bad ideas, unless the esperience has been a negative one, of course, in which case it put people off further esperimentation, which is always a good thing, I think.

Before I go, then, all that remain is for me to post an envelope of anthrax to Alex Ferguson for Christmas (is a special virus that I have to buy on the Internet because he would not sell me his), and also to say thank you to all of the very important and nice friends who have comment over the past year at my blog and who have taken the trouble to read it. I am especial grateful to Gorilla Bananas, to Conan Drumm, to Daphne, to the Other Manuel, to Mrs. Pouncer, to Dr. Maroon, to Gan, and to the Hangle Queen (I apologise if I miff anyone), who make the effort to comment when they are able and who say very enlightening and informed and pious things that have enrich my year estremely. I am loving you all in a manly, holy way, the way Jesus love the disciples. YOU are my home.

I wish you all Feliz Navidad y una Feliz Año Nuevo, and I shall see you all in the future!

Muchos Besos


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