Is The Art of War!

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Is the perfect Christmas gift: A book of war posters!

I was not having the space or the time last week to discuss another of my Christmas present which my inconsiderate brother Hornolo give for me and which you can see above. He tell me that he was in the city a few month back and he see an exhibition of posters from the Civil War for Golf, and he know how much it mean to me in terms of its significance for the salvation of Christian civilization and the defence of the True Spain, so he go inside the gallery and buy for me a copy of the catalog in order that I can have it in my library of books, magazines, weapons, toys, and so on of the war. I was already at the time very happy with my Manual del Cadete that he give me below, as you can imagine, so when he present me with this book, I was too overwhelm with emotion to espress my gratitude proportionately.

As it transpire, this was a very fortunate thing, because I have now had a chance to look through this catalog, and I see that it is rubbish! Is a whole entire travesty of the reality of the war, and if you look at it you would think that Fascists was not able to draw at all! You know, this is just the kind of rewrite of history that you would espect from atheist communists, and sure enough, when I look closer at the catalog, I see that the exhibition is sponsor by the Fundación Pablo Iglesias, which is a leftist front organization for the Freemasons. Is no wonder there are no decent pictures in the book. It is all shite. Pictures like this, for esample:

which is rubbish posters of the anarchist homosexual lesbian organizations the CNT. They could not even shoot straight, let alone draw straight!

And even the pictures they do have of El Generalísimo is rubbish. Look!

They look nothing like him! Go back to my very first post on this blog here, and you will see what a fine handsome pious devout man El Generalísimo was being. Can you see the difference? I can, and that is because I am not blind.

And now I will show to you esactly how bias this book is. It even have a picture of new American president, the Black Obama, in it:

You will have to be a demented imbecile or else English to tell me that you have not see this poster all over the America in recent month. Here it is again:

You see?! All they have done is remove the helmet so that you are not knowing that Obama fought for the atheist communists during the Civil War for Golf. Fortunately, is only a matter of time before the truth come out. The truth always come out. Escept when it does not. Which is why I write my blog.

And as I am telling you, the truth is that Fascists have always been much better artists than Communist Socialist Anarchists. Adolf Hitler, for esample, make the lovely watercolours that any mother would be proud to have hanging on her dining room wall along with flying geese and Child of Prague on dresser. Picasso, on the other hand, did not even know which side of the nose the eyes should go! And the so-called Socialist Realist art of Communist Russia could have been paint by a five-year-old. And a five-year-old child at that!

If you want a perfect instance of the socialist attitude to art, look no further than the retro-communist organization the Khmer Rouge, in Cambodia, which cut the hands off anyone who had fingernails and poke the eyes out of anyone wearing glasses. They was a vicious ill-mannered gang of killers who have no appreciation for classical music or opera or Real Madrid. Anyone who know how to hold a pen was an intellectual and therefore a member of the urban cosmopolitan sophisticate beohomian decadent scum and deserve to die. This, of course, is a view I agree with, which only go to show that even Communists are not all bad, but if the Khmer Rouge had been around in the 16th century which they try to take Cambodia back to, it mean they would have been killing Michelangelo, Raphael, El Greco, Fra Lippo Lippi, Dick Van Dyck, and all those other wonderful painters of devotional religious Christian works, and that therefore would have been bad.

Because they was not tolerating artists, it mean that the Khmer Rouge did not have anyone to draw the police Identi-kit pictures or artists’ impressions when they want to make WANTED posters or to keep track of all the people they have in custody for torturing. Very cleverly, or sneakily, since they are Communists, what they did instead was to get a camera and make detainees take photographs of one another. This was sneaky because cameras are very modern technology, even more modern than tracing paper, which mean that anyone who know how to take a photograph was thereby confirming the suspicions of the Khmer Rouge that they are persona non gratis. Was very clever! They take a picture of a fellow prisoner and thereby condemn themselve. Is genius if it is true.

Anyway, I have take up enough of your time, and I am not wanting you to think that I am such an ungrateful recipient of gifts, just in case you were thinking of sending me any. Is all I ask that any gifts you send are age-appropriate and also do not contain nuts or Marxists. And especially not Marxist nuts!

Is a joke!!

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