France Is Bring to a Standstill. How Could They Tell?!


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Si. Is the Future King of Lyon!

I am watching with disgust and pleasure the vaguely general striking in France yesterday. Did you see it? Was all most very amusing and also a big disgrace.

In general, as you know, I am always opposed to the insurrectioning by members of the lower classes, such as schoolmistresses, nurses, trainworkers, coalminers, office staff, shopkeepers, and all the other minor people whose functioning, sadly, we rely upon for our victuals, heat, health, and so on. Some people argue that the sooner the whole of society is automated the better, and we can have robot staff to do everything and the global population can be allow to return to its much more natural size of 400,000 or so, mostly concentrated in Switzerland. I am not one of those sorts of people, you may be surprise to learn. I find abhorrent this kind of thinking. Yes, I confess, I find working people as appalling and loathsome as the next man, and I find the indulgent, romantic, sentimentalizing of their culture repugnant; here I am at variance with my own Catholic Church, I know, which I espect make me some kind of heretic. So be it.

However, here is the nob of my thinking: In a futuristic society with no robots, is no space for the noble human spirit to test itself, is no space for tradition, is no space for suffering, is no space for piety, mystery, misery, or proper Christian values. Is no space for correct feudal relations between men and women, between men and animals, men and nature, men and insects, or bewteen men and foreingers. Is better therefore for society to have the lower classes, even if they are an inconvenience. As the Good Book itself is saying, “the poor are sent to try us!”

I am welcoming this insurrectioning, however, on the grounds that it is about time the decadent bourgeois Masonic democracy in that benighted country was finally overthrown so that la Belle France can return to its true nature as a feudal monarchy. As you are no doubt aware, the proper ruler of France is a Spanish man. His name is Luis Alfonso Gonzalo Víctor Manuel Marco de Borbón y Martínez-Bordiú and he live in a house. You can see a picture of him above. He is the Duke of Anjou and head of the French royal household and also great grandson of King Alfonso XIII of Spain. But what is more important, and which not many people know, he is also great-grandson of El Generalísimo himself. Si! What a miracle! Is almost as if he was sent down by the good lord himself to be a ruler of lesser human beings.

The Duke has been waiting in the wings, living right at this moment as we speak in exile, which is in Venezuela, with his wife, and I am sure he is just awaiting for the call from his spiritual homeland to return to rule France with proper iron discipline and a firm handshake. Our Spanish king, Juan Carlos, is not mad keen on the idea of a Louis XX next door, but I think this is because Juan Carlos is a liberal pussy king who tolerates democracy in his own country and would not like people to be drawing comparisons between him a the go-ahead young upstart next door reintroducing public hangings, abolishing the railways, declaring manned flight scientifically impossible, and returning France generally to the Stone Age.

You can read all about the handsome future king of France here at his dignified and understated Web site, which also have some beautiful photos of him with the real pope, photos which incidentally thereby demonstrate his legitimacy to the throne. If he is good enough for John Paul #2, then he is good enough for me!

With a bit of good fortune, this global crisis will be returning all of us to the Stone Age, and feudalism will be the norm again and human beings will return to their basic true nature of fallen beasts. Then man will be clamouring for people like the Duke to step in and maintain order at the head of a well-trained falangist military with theblessing of the church. Already, I know, armies across Europe are being trained in the counterinsurgency techniques for dealing with social unrest, and if God smiles upon us, they will have a chance to use them.

We must pray it will be so.

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4 Responses

  1. Gabe

    January 31, 2009 1:56 am

    Touché! J’admire les sentiments supérieures de l’Institute de la Maison de Bourbon (a’t-il une connection avec le splendide Jack Daniels Bourbon, ou le Old Kentucky Bourbon peut-être?) Mais je pose une question politique importante: Y a-t’il une correspondante Maison Celtique de Tara pour sauver les citoyens irlandais de la grande misère post-royaliste petit bourgeoise du premier ministre Brian Cowen? Muchos gracias. Venceremos. A lotta continua. Hasta la vista. Salsa Brava. Harry Belafonte. Jennifer Lopez. (Sorry, I only did French in the Leaving Cert).

  2. Manuel Estimulo

    January 31, 2009 3:25 pm

    Hola Gabe!

    I am not knowing if they are related to Jack Daniels or Old Kentucky, but I espect there is some connection with Garibaldi, via the old biscuit dynasties of 14th-century France.

    There are many of kings of Ireland, I think, who claim descendancy from Brian Boru and Grace Kelly. That is partly the problem. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Making the Irish obey orders is like whipping sand!

  3. Gabe

    February 1, 2009 5:24 am

    Et la Maison de Jameson en Dublin, a-t’il des relations fraternelles et ancestrales avec le roi James I de l’Écosse? Mais quelle bonne idée! Si c’est le cas je prends le verre et ajure que je sois “plus royaliste que le roi”. Dans le website vous donnez de la Maison de Bourbon on voit les fotos du Pape Benoît XVI. Est ce qu’il est possible qu’il y’a une grande alliance stratégique de business entre le pape et les Bourbons et la Maison irlandaise de Jameson? Je pose cette question parce que je bois l’apéritif Benedictine l’après-midi, et chaque dimanche ma femme et moi ouvrons une bouteille de Chateau Neuf du Pape qui fait bonne degustation avec le rostbif + 2 veg. Considérez donc cette formule:- Louis Phillipe + Maison de Bourbon + Jacques Daniels et Old Kentucky Bourbon americain + James I L’Ecossais + Jameson-you-are-famous Dublinensis + Benedictine-Chateau du Pape vaticain. Quod est demonstrandum. Ole, Ole, Ole… mucho la política da mundialización. [Are the Bilderbergs and the Illuminati anywhere in the picture?]