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Our favourite magazine here at Khmer Mansions is Seventeen, every issue of which is passed around the office and down the ranks so each staff member can individually savour its consistently fun, informative, and sticky pages in the privacy of his/her own cubicle. One particular cause for delight is that it takes its readers’ health and fitness seriously, as witnessed by its regular features on the latest celebrity exercise regimens. In THIS example, we can see how the gorgeous and talented Hilary Duff stays in shape using a combination of Pilates and Boxing, known to everyone in L.A. as Piloxing (you’ll all be doing it soon).

Past issues of Seventeen magazine have featured exercise regimens combining

Judo and fasting, called Judon’t

Boxing and Detox, called Botox

Jazz Dance and the Israeli martial art of Krav Maga, called Jazz Maga

Jiu-Jitsu and Shiatsu, called Jiu-Shitsu

Karate and Tap dance, called Karap

Sauna and Massage, called Saussage

Hockey and Aikido, called Hokkaido

Fell Running and the I Ching, called Fell Ching

Origami and Monopoly, called Origopoly

Archery and Enemas, called Archenemy

Camping and Safari, called Campari

Chess and Slapstick, called Chapstick

and, for its less agile readers

Going Outside and Loafing Around, called Golf.

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