Mark Simpson | Gay people don't need marriage

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Mark Simpson | Gay people don’t need marriage

Mark Simpson has a great article on why gay ‘marriage’ is not needed. All that is required are ‘nationally recognised same-sex civil unions with the same legal status as marriage – called civil partnerships –’ which are available to all.

“In my experience few lesbians or gays feel they are “riding at the back of the bus”. Maybe because in many ways they’re actually riding at the front. It’s probably only a matter of time before gay civil partnerships in the UK are made available to all, as they are in France – where the vast majority of applications are now made by cross-sex couples disenchanted with traditional marriage.

Fully-recognised, open-to-all civil unions are a secular institution that helps to shore up a fragile secular society. And make no mistake, it is secularism on which most of the – historically very, very recent – freedoms enjoyed by lesbians and gays are based, along with those of women.”

Mary Mulholland made the same point in ILR last year.

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