EAPN Debate with Dublin EU Candidates Live@2pm Today

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The European Anti-Poverty Network (Ireland) has organised a debate between all the Dublin candidates for the European election today. The event will be streamed as a live broadcast between 2pm and 4pm today, May 14th 2009 and can be seen below.

The speakers confirmed include: Joe Higgins, Eoin Ryan MEP, Gay Mitchell MEP, Proinsias De Rossa MEP, Mary Lou McDonald MEP, Senator Deirdre De Burca.

The stream is also available on Joe Higgins’ EU campaign site and on this ustream channel.

This streamed event is part of a wider “Ireland in Social Europe Project” which is being organised by EAPN (Ireland).

As part of the “Ireland in Social Europe Project”, the European Anti- Poverty Network (Ireland) will facilitate an all-Ireland series of training workshops and hustings to ‘bring Europe closer’ to people who experience poverty and social exclusion (and their organizations). All Candidates for the European Parliament elections have been invited to the workshops to engage with individuals and groups who experience issues around social exclusion, poverty and inequality.

The EAPN Ireland in co-operation with the Northern Ireland EAPN have also published a ten point plan called Ending Europe’s Social Crisis: 10 Priorities for the new European Parliament, which urges the European Parliament and its new MEPs to address the social crisis which has intensified as a result of the collapse in the European economy.

In its challenge to all candidates it argues that:

The dominant economic model, which has been supported by the EU’s Lisbon Strategy, is based on the prioritisation of the market over social rights. Too often this model has exacerbated the position of the poor and undermined social commitments. It has failed to put the ‘public good’ at the heart of EU actions. The EU has prioritised liberalisation and defence of largely unregulated markets, at the expense of strategies that promote equity and social justice.

Thanks to Cian Prendiville of the Socialist Party and www.JoeHiggins.eu for letting me know about the streaming of this event.

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One Response

  1. Peter

    May 25, 2009 2:31 pm

    Which of those candidates is going to take up the rights of the Irish consumer,
    given the wide ranging EU ban on many types of products as announced 31 March (washing machines, refrigerators, TV-sets etc, following on from the light bulb ban) ?

    More see http://ceolas.net/#el301x

    This is done in the name of energy efficiency and emissions:
    But of course energy and emissions can be dealt with directly:

    Since when does your light bulb give out any gases?