False Pope Visits Israel, Condemns Jews, Muslims, to Hell

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Is the Usurper Pope in a Usurper State!

All the papers this week are being raging about the news of the False Pope, Benedinct, and his visits to the bit of Palestine called Israel and the bits of Palestine called Palestine in order to finally bring peace to that dreadful place, although his real message to the world, obviously, is that if everyone was Catholic, none of this would be happening. And also to laugh up his sleeve at people of other religions killing one another. Like all popes, false or not, I’m sure he is totally in favour of that.

This was always going to be being a delicate trip for the pope, one of the reasons why he did not call for the annihilation of Israel while he was there. As a former Nazi and the leader, or fuhrer, of a religion that, until recently, correctly condemn all Jews as deicides, responsible for the executing of Jesus, he was having his work cut out to make a convincing case for the Holocaust. Fortunately, he have the sense to take a middle line, not going the way of the total deniers and pretending that nothing untoward happened in Poland in the 1940s; nor going the other route of saying, “Yes, we killed millions of Jews. What of it?” which is the attitude of most Germans of his generation. Instead, he recognize his obligation, as leader of a mainly non-German church, to acknowledge the Holocaust without taking any responsibility for it or saying sorry, which to me seem very sensible indeed. After all, his main responsibility as fake head of the Catholic Church is to all the world’s Roman Catholics, many of whom are not German and did not directly take part in the Holocaust. Indeed, many Roman Catholics who were around at the time in France, Italy, Poland, Czaechoslovakia, and so on, all lost Jewish neighbours during the war and were forced to watch in the streets as they were dragged off and put on trucks and carted off to who knows where and never seen again. What do they have to apologize for?

Si. Is very important to recognize that the False Pope is in the Middle East NOT as a former Nazi but as the head of the universal church, and therefore it is wrong to criticize him, as some have done, for his wartime indiscretions. What’s more, we shouldn’t be distracted from the real issue here, which is the False Pope’s illegitimate reign of terror that renders all statements he makes on behalf of Catholics entirely without validity. People need to get some perspective.

A few years after the Real Pope, John Paul Mark Two, was kidnapped and usurped, a Holocaust survivor named Idit Tzirir described how a young seminary student named Karol Wojtyla trudged through the snow for miles carrying her on his back after her release, emaciated and suffering from tuberculosis, from a German labor camp. At the time, we all knew that this was an attempt by the Benedinct cabal to smear John Paul’s good name among true Catholics, but consider now how useful that story might have been from a PR point of view if it had been John Paul still in power today visiting Israel and not the admitted former Hitler Youth member Benedinct, who might have come across Tzirir in the snow and shot her!

Anyway, I am see also that the Vatican has been making statements defending the usurper Benedinct’s anti-Nazi credentials. It is saying that some of the pope’s best friends are Jews, and also it is saying, “for Christ’s sake, give it a rest. Do you espect him to mention the Holocaust EVERY time he visit a synagogue? Is only the Jews who do that!” And also, to appease the Israelis, Benedinct made an important statement to the Palestinians, telling them to stop throwing stones at Israeli tanks. And also to stop persecuting Christians. After all, Palestine really belong to them.

The Middle East truly is a minefield, even if you have the best will in the world, so imagine what it must be like for the False Pope. Every step he take is accompanied by a BOOM! And yet still he walks among us, spreading his false creed. The only esplanation can be that he is the anti-christ himself, which is what I have said all along.

Him or Barack the Obama. I am not able to decide. Maybe both.

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