DCTV and Looking Left: The Irish People

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DCTV, a recently established community-access television station, has produced the first of its four planned programs in it’s Looking Left series. Using a panel based discussion format it examines Irish alternative media and left-wing publications from the late 60s to the 1980s. This program deals with The Irish People, the newspaper of Official Sinn Féin, which later became Sinn Féin the Workers Party and then The Workers Party.

The panel includes Dr. Brian Hanley of Queens University, Belfast and co-author of the soon to be published The Lost Revolution: The Story of the Official IRA and the Workers’ Party, Padraig Yeates, former editor of The Irish People, and Dr. Conor McCabe, Labour Historian and contributor to Irish Left Review. The discussion is facilitated by Daniel Finn, also an Irish Left Review contributor.

The program deals with the history of the paper, the stories covered, the politics of the era as well as the challenges of producing and distributing a regular newspaper on a minimal budget. Below the embedded program are two full editions of the newspaper, the first edition on May 4th 1973 and one of the last, from the 10th of January 1986.

Looking Left from DCTV on Vimeo.

04 May 1973

10 Jan 1986

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