Opportunity Knocks!!

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One is an unpleasant demagogue contemptuous of the masses and who always wear black. The other is the former leader of the British Union of Fascists!!

I am reading all about the disarray in the British government and the big spanking that Gordon Brown is getting from the idiot British electorate and also from his party of atheist communists (with the dishonourable esception of Tony Blair, who get out while the going was good and avoid making all the difficult decisions by becoming a Catholic after he leave power), and I am notice that generally in the Britain there is an overwhelming contempt for politicians of all stripe because of their fiddling, diddling, piddling, and other things that rhyme with griddle. The inbred Tory Party is an obnoscious bunch of self-glorifying creeps eager to get at the public trough and return once more to the glory days of John Major, William The Hague, and the other bald one, when Conservatism was a by-word for insipid craven prefect types such as the Hamilton sisters, Neil and Christine.

The Liberal Democrats is the party where everyone go to when they die. And the Greens want to harness all brand-new technology at the nation’s disposal to take us back to the feudal era, which in iself is not objectionable, escept their version of feudalism involve maypoles, cider, and paganism, not proper feudalism, with strict hierarchy, the Inquisition, and death at 27.

As a consequence, a lot of peoples in Britain is casting around for a proper party that have nothing to do with politics at all, and this is where the BNP is coming in. Is a tradition in Britain that the fascists never do very well because all of their interests have been cater for by the Conservative Party, Little Chefs, motorway motels, and private clubs in Streatham. Also because the Second World War, with the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler, the bombing of Coventry, the glorious retreat at Dunkirk, and the such like, all of which give fascism a bad name in England. Is not possible anymore to be a proper self-admitted fascist in Britain without somehow getting a bad name. People will say to you, “If you like it so much, why don’t you go back to 1930s Germany?” Also, if you look at the class that which have traditionally been associate with fascism, such as criminals, thugs, gangsters, sociopath, second-hand car dealers and their sons, they are all now only on Eastenders! Even the current leader of the BNP, Nick the Greek, is a fictional character; my Irish readers swill remember in James Joyce’s Ulysses that the Nationalist character in his book have only one eye (is meant to be the Cyclops from the Odyssey). Was meant to be a metaphor, but I think the BNP have take it literally!!

Of course, we fascist know that there is nothing wrong with having only the one eye. You can still be a member of the master race. One of Spain most greatest fascist, José Millán Astray, have not just one eye but also one arm. However, he lose his arm and his eye on the battlefield, not opening a can of paint to spray Pakis Out on a wall in Cambridge.

Many of the British people will be vote for BNP in the elections, but they will do so with no illusion that the BNP can return Britain to the glory days of fascism, such as under Margaret Thatcher or Cromwell. Neverthenonetheless, is clear that there is a thirst among the British idiot public for a strong and charismatic leaderclass who can discipline and punish them and also scapegoat the Jewish bankers, the European Union, and immigrants for the current economic crisis (UKIP is not up to the job, let’s face it). But where is this leaderclass?

Look no further than the reality television. Right there you are have the Simon Cowell, the Gordon Ramsay, the Anne Robinson, and, for the sake of political correctness, the Alan Sugar. Straight away you have four very unpleasant individual who espress nothing but contempt for the British public, and the British public love it! They are mean, rude, they wield their power capriciously and thoughtlessly, they are without guilt or shame, they revel in their own achievements, they have no capacity for introspection, reflection, or sense of social justice. Nietzsche would be very proud of them. I can picture them, even as I sit here naked, executing small ponies without an ounce of pity.

Is necessary therefore that the mass rallies that are Britain’s Got Talent and the X-Factor are now transform into mobs of reaction. Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden must lead the people out into the streets of the United Kingdom to smash up Jewish pawnbrokers, assault beggars and chuggers, burn down foreign fast food outlets such as Pizza Espress, Kentucky Fry Chicken, and Abrakebabra (not McDonald’s, which is originally Scottish), and then lead a mass orgy of looting and praying before storming the parliament and installing Gordon Ramsay as Lord Protector and cooking for everyone a nice meal of bangers and mush. Only then will Britain be Great once more.

You know it make it sense!

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One Response

  1. Austin Crankshaft

    June 9, 2009 6:02 am

    Yipes, they might foolishly ban curried chips as hindi-tainted nosh.

    Ach ‘nosh’ ist kein Wort aus Cockneyland. Here (hier):
    nosh n. Informal
    A snack or light meal.
    intr.v. noshed, nosh·ing, nosh·es
    To eat a snack or light meal: noshed on a bagel between classes.
    [Yiddish nash, from nashn, to eat sweets, nibble on, from Middle High German naschen, to nibble, from Old High German hnascn.]
    nosher n. one who noshes
    Gott im Himmel. Curried chips nosh ist ein yiddish-injun Bilderberg-financed cuisine conspiracy to undermine the racial purity of der wunderbar Britisch soggy bangers-und-mash healthy eating tradition. Gimme that vomit bag quick! From now on it’s fish and no curried chips every Friday.