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The Kenny Report, the official title of which is “COMMITTEE ON THE PRICE OF BUILDING LAND, REPORT TO THE MINISTER FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT ROBERT MOLLOY, CHAIRMAN MR. JUSTICE J. KENNY (DUBLIN,1974), was begun in 1971 and finally published in 1974. Its findings have never been implemented.

Its recommendations formed part of the Green Party’s general election 2006 manifesto. And even though John Gormley is the Minister in charge of local government, and land reform, there has been absolutely no sign of the Greens pushing this in any form or fashion.

The fact that the report called for the effective end to land speculation is the main reason why it has been ignored by every political party in government.

At present, the report is out of print. It can be downloaded here.

Alternatively, it can be read below.


Full text version from Scribd.

Committee on the Price of Building Land by thestorydotie


6 Responses

  1. Hugh Green

    June 10, 2009 9:16 pm

    Did you see the Kenny Report mentioned on Vincent Browne the other night? Joe Higgins raised it as an example of why Fine Gael could hardly be trusted as regards the property market. George Lee came out with some spiel about how he had no interest in looking 30 years back at some report, he was interested in the future blah blah. Then Martin ‘Manzer’ Mansergh told Lee that for someone with a reputation for economic commentary he didn’t seem too hot on his economic history. Manzer then said that Bertie Ahern had suggested to him that he might look into implementing the report recommendations. Manzer then turned his head through 360 degrees and started spewing lava everywhere.

  2. Conor McCabe

    June 10, 2009 10:34 pm

    I didn´t see it, but a friend of mine told me that it was discussed, so that´s why I put this post together. Lee really is such a lightweight when it comes to research and analysis. I heard him say in the Dáil today that Ireland once had the best economy in the world. Hello? Suits Fine Gael alright.