Escape to Victory!!

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I Flap My Wings and Fly Like Icarus!!

Si, is the great news that Real Madrid the Best Team in the World have deigned to sign from the useless Manchester waste-of-space-can’t-even-beat-Barcelona team their only decent player, Cronaldo of Portugal (which historically belong to Spain). He is will play alongside the Brazilian genius Kaka, who will also do his translating for him, in a Galactico v.2.0 that will inevitable win all the trophies going next year, including probly the World Cup.

Cronaldo was always very unhappy with staying at the Manchester, mostly because of all the ugliness everywhere. Every day he was having to drive through the horrible pissing rain, all along the grimy Coronation Street, and into the mouldy old Trafford, where he would have to spend the day with Mr. Potato Head, Frank Ribery, The Orange Utan, Beetroot Face, and Nemanja Vidic. Was all very depressing. Is no wonder he try to end it all by crashing his Frerrarri into a wall!!

Now instead he will enjoy the sunny and glorious Madrid, drive along beautiful and wide and clean streets, look at all the beautiful virginal Madrilenas (although he cannot touch them because he is still a foreinger), arrive in the magnificent Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, and play alongside other beautiful and virile young men such as the Kaka, Raúl, Guti, Saviola and, to a lesser estent, Van Nistelrooy. Will be just like the old Galactico team-which have the genius Zidane, the little girl Beckham, the traitor Figo, and the bald Ronaldo-escept this time much better looking. With Florentino Perez back in charge, once again Real Madrid will be organized in the traditional feudal Spanish Christian way, with a small group of aesthetically beautiful and delicately tended geniuses supported by a mass of thick ignorant peasant. And I don’t mean the fans!!

¡Así gana Real Madrid!

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