John Caruso | The Cairo Speech and the Habit of Skepticism

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John Caruso on the George W. Obama Speech in Cairo and the Habit of Skepticism

Caruso rereads Obama’s Cairo speech and realizes that his first reading was too harsh. Or maybe he was just reading the wrong speech.

“Yes, it was quite a speech. After reading it a second time I think I can almost begin to understand the ecstatic praise so many liberals offered Obama after they heard it (which I admit I first thought was not only embarrassing but dangerously naive). After all, who could fail to respond to such an intelligent, thoughtful, nuanced, articulate, compassionate attempt to begin a genuine dialogue with the rest of the world? Honestly, I think even the most unrepentant leftist reading these words with an open mind would have to admit that they show just how different Barack Obama is in every imaginable way from George W. Bush—and more generally, the huge differences between Democrats and Republicans.
There’s just one problem….”

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