Count Me Out – Take a stand for church/state separation


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Count Me Out – Take a stand for church/state separation

Cormac Flynn, Gráinne O’Sullivan and Paul Dunbar have set up this site, which helps lapsed Irish Catholics who want nothing more to do with the Church, leave it. The site makes use of existing Church apparatus for defection. Its underlying aim, it says, is to prevent the Catholic Church using ‘member’ numbers as a wedge in negotiations over its role in education and healthcare. The site is a sober-minded rational approach to a practical matter and the creators say it is intended for people who have already made up their minds, not those ready to leave in a fit of pique. In the first ten days of the site 1300 people have already defected. The site has links to media coverage, which has been considerable in the first week. In one Cormac holds his own against a bullying Tom McGurk and a rambling, condescending John Waters, who misses the point of the site entirely.


3 Responses

  1. P. J. Brady

    November 11, 2009 1:23 pm

    I agree with the proposition. All religion is founded on mythology and ignorance. Any interventionist god is a figment of the imagination. Unfortunately I wasted 25 years of my life in a Religious Order (Marist). What drove me out to start with was I changed from being a Creationist and being an Evolutionist. Religion is not about sending goats to Africa, wearing a hijab or attending some temple. There is only one question to Religion: “Is there a life Hereafter?”. My own answer to this question has been “no” since about 1973. I don’t attend any church services now or have anything to do with prayer. I’d like to opt out officially. I don’t want a requim Mass.

  2. P. J. Brady

    November 11, 2009 1:35 pm

    A further Comment by P.J. Brady. I don’t like to be ruled by “Drumcondra”, Armagh, Rome, Jerusalem or Meccah. In Ireland we should be allowed to choose Euthanasia if we choose to. It’s wrong to comdemn someone to live until they die if life has no purpose. Irish women should not have to go to England for an abortion. Who really makes this rule? One thing I’d like information on is: Is the theory of Evolution taught in Irish schools. The reason I don’t know the answer to this question is: I lived over 30 years in South Africa and got cut off a bit from the Irish scene.

  3. Kevin Slater

    December 8, 2009 11:34 am

    Nothing in this country will change while we bend the knee to Rome.We will never be a republic while the government, banks, judiciary and the bar are controlled by the alumni of Clongowes, Blackrock etc who run the place like their own past pupils club. I’ll bet none of them were abused in those schools. Their teachers would not have dared to touch those golden youths whose parents kept the church in luxury and influence. It seems the predators prefered working class parishes where they were worshipped and glorified. So I thought about filling in the count me out form but to do so would be to give credence to the whole rotten notion of superstition and shamanism. It is, quite simply, to use the Dublin vernacular, all bollix and I’ glad to have woken up! Woo Hoo!!!