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Where Will You Be On September 30th? from DCTV on Vimeo.

This government is already slashing a range of services and programmes. Now, after McCarthy Report, the Community Sector is going to become the focus for their guillotine approach to funding. Already a number of areas have had their budgets reduced.

– Drug Task Force Projects
– CE Scheme Training and material budgets
– Local Partnerships budgets cut up to 16%
– Community Childcare struggling under Subvention
– Overseas Development slashed
– CDPs cut by up to 15%
– Community and voluntary sector cut by 32%
– Older people supports down to €727,000 from €4.3 million

And after on Bord Snip, there’s more to come.

– Community Service Programme – €10 million cut
– Community Development Programmes & Partnerships – €44 million cut
– RAPID – Axed
– Job Initiative – Axed
– Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs – Axed
– National Drugs Strategy – €2.6 million cut
– Welfare entitlements for Community Employment – Axed
– Community & Voluntary Sector Supports – €10 million cut
– CLÁR – Axed

We are left wondering is community development a luxury? Is education an optional extra? Is drug rehabilitation an indulgence?

The philosophy that values profits over people is failing, and it is the communities that benefited the least from the Celtic Tiger years that are expected to pay a high price.

But this is not a situation of hopelessness. Communities are coming together in resistance. You can join it too. You won’t be alone.

On September 8th 1200 workers and activists marched to the Department of Finance to start the campaign.

At 1pm at Parnell Sq on September 30th 2009, we’ll march again. We hope to see you there.

Liberty Hall, Dublin 1.
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