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Si! Is One-Eyed British Warmongrel Nick Griffin Looking Already Like Prime Minister Material

I am being all very entertained this week by the amusing kerfuffle taking place in “Great” Britain where the liberal atheist communists at the BBC have taken seriously the idea of free speech for any old idiot and have invite onto their political chat show/slang match fest the leader of the right of centre British National Party, Herr Nick Griffin.  Politicians and Jews and homosexuals are throwing up their arms and also their dinners in protest at this invitation and are saying that this is a terrible day for broadcasting freedom when a Cambridge graduate is allowed on a panel show to air his prejudiced beliefs for all the country to hear.

Of course, this is all a storm in a chamber pot, because everyone know that by virtue of being having gone to Cambridge, Herr Griffin is obviously one of the better sort of people, who would probly no doubt fit in very well in most country villages of England with the local squire and city types who have moved out there to get away from the cosmopolitan urban ghettoes. You will not hear anything unusual from him that you would not hear espressed on any of the 2,000 golf courses they have in Gerrards Cross, for esample.

If anything, as far as most right-thinking people are concern, Herr Griffin’s only crime is that he is presenting his views in an inappropriate forum. The pub is the proper place for such views. After nine pints. When there are no women or Muslims or homosexuals present. Just you and rugby club. Si. If Herr Griffin is comdemned for anything by ordinary decent English white middle-class conservative peoples, it is for his lack of propriety, his lack of etiquette.

But at least he is the right sort. You can imagine bringing him home to meet your parents. You would not mind your son or your daughter sitting in the back row of the cinema with him unzipping his fly. You can imagine him being godfather to your children. His faults are only matters of decorum.  Whereas, of course, there are a great many working-class fascists who you would not even allow in through your tradesman’s entrance! Is true!  Yes, yes, we need in the fascist movement to have working-class members, deplorable though that may be, to act as muscle and to carry out violent assaults on our enemies; they are a necessary evil. is sad but true.   But that does not mean that you would have one in your house, not as a plumber nor putting insulation in your attic, and certainly not on your television set! And this the BBC have had the good sense to realize. If I want to listen to homophobic sexist hate speech,  I will watch Top Gear and get it from public schoolboys. I do NOT espect to have to hear it in the crude accents of Smethwick, Burnley, and Leeds.

And of course I will not have to hear crude working-class voices espressing vitriol and begrudgery because Herr Griffin is a professional. He has much more sense than to start espressing his opinions in such a forthright and vigorous manner and I am confident that he will be more than able to deal with all questions to do with the usual topics that people disagree with the fascists about. He is well-rehearsed from having to present his views in arguments thousands of times before. No doubt he will make the bland mediocre politicians of the mainstream parties look like the bureaucratic managerial nobodies they are really are. And by virtue of even engaging with his arguments they are lend him credibility. Is all a big win-win for the BNP.

This is why democracy does not work, as I have to say time and time again. Because it is tolerant even of people who disagree with it. Whereas we fascists are happy to make no bones about the fact that we are willing to do whatever is necessary to gain power, even if it mean pretending to be democrats, manipulating the system, and insisting on our democratic rights which we do not believe in. You can call us unscrupulous hypocrites and liars and bigots, but none of that is of any consequence. When we are in power, your opinions will count for nothing.

The main problem facing the BNP, of course, is that they want to return Britain go an era of racial purity, when British people, more than anyone else, are a mongrel nation, made up of Celts, Normans, Saxons, Picts, Elves, Trolls, Troggs, Beach Boys, and Beatles. This genetic mixing has made them not only impure but also docile and easy-going, like all mongrels. Is only the pedigree breeds, like the Spanish and the Irish, that are high strung and pure and who consequently make fantastic fascists. British fascists are rubbish. And most of them aren’t even Christian.  Is a big disgrace!

I am sure there was something else I was going to talk about which was much more important this week, but now I am being distracted. Was probly the death of Stephen Gately and Jan Moir’s article in the Daily Mail. I wonder what Herr Griffin thought about that. Do you think anybody will ask him?

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8 Responses

  1. Steve Norton

    October 21, 2009 3:25 pm

    I honestly tried to read this, but struggled with the inanity of the prose. It has all the hallmarks of one of my 3am drunken text messages. If anyone can translate everything after the 2nd paragraph I’d appreciate it, as I’d at least know why my friend sent me the link. Cheers.

  2. donagh

    October 21, 2009 4:51 pm

    Si algo por lo que la mayoría de la gente de derecho-pensamiento es preocupación, el único crimen de S. Griffin’s es que él está presentando sus opiniones en un foro inadecuado. El pub es el lugar apropiado para tales opiniónes. Después de nueve pintas. Cuando no hay mujeres o presente de los musulmanes o de los homosexuales. Apenas usted y club del rugbi. Si. Si S. Griffin comdemned para cualquier cosa por la gente conservadora de la clase media blanca inglesa decente ordinaria, está para su carencia de la propiedad, su carencia de la etiqueta. Pero por lo menos él es la clase correcta. Usted puede imaginarse el traer de él casero hacer frente a sus padres. Usted no importaría de su hijo o de su hija que se sienta en la fila trasera del cine con él que desabrocha el suyo mosca. Usted puede imaginarse lo el ser padrino a sus niños. Sus averías son solamente materias del decoro.

    ¡Considerando que, por supuesto, hay un grande muchos fascistas de la clase obrera que usted incluso no permitiría adentro a través de la entrada de su comerciante! ¡Es verdad! Sí, sí, necesitamos en el movimiento fascista tener los miembros de la clase obrera, deplorables sin embargo que pueden estar, actuar como músculo y realizar asaltos violentos en nuestros enemigos; son un mal necesario. está triste pero verdad. ¡Pero eso no significa que usted tendría uno en su casa, no como fontanero ni aislamiento el poner en su ático, y ciertamente no en su televisión! Y esto la BBC ha tenido la sensatez de realizar. Si quiero escuchar el discurso sexista homófobo del odio, miraré el engranaje superior y lo conseguiré de colegiales públicos.

    NO espect tengo que oírlo en los acentos crudos de Smethwick, de Burnley, y de Leeds. Y por supuesto no tendré que oír voces crudas de la clase obrera el espressing del vitriolo y del begrudgery porque S. Griffin es un profesional. Él tiene mucho más sentido que comenzar a espressing sus opiniones de una manera y de un mí tan directos y vigorosos se sienten confiado que él será más que capaz de ocuparse de todas las preguntas para hacer con los asuntos generalmente que la gente discrepa con los fascistas alrededor. Lo bien-ensayan de tener que presentar sus opiniones en millares de las discusiones de épocas antes. Ninguna duda él hará que los políticos mediocres suaves de los partidos de corriente parecen los nobodies directivos burocráticos que son están realmente. Y en virtud incluso del acoplamiento con sus discusiones que son préstelo credibilidad. Es todo el un provechoso para ambas partes grande para el BNP.

    Esta es la razón por la cual la democracia no trabaja, como tengo que decir repetidamente. Porque es tolerante incluso de la gente que discrepa con ella. Considerando que los fascistas somos felices de no hacer ningún hueso sobre el hecho de que estamos dispuestos a hacer lo que es necesario ganar energía, incluso si él medio que finge ser demócratas, manipulando el sistema, e insistiendo en las nuestras derechas democráticas que no creemos adentro. Usted puede llamarnos los hipócritas y los mentirosos y los fanáticos sin escrúpulos, pero nada de ése está de cualquier consecuencia. Cuando estamos en energía, sus opiniones contarán para nada. El mayor problema que hace frente al BNP, por supuesto, es que quieren volver Gran Bretaña van una era de pureza racial, cuando el pueblo británico, más que cualquier persona, son una nación mestiza, compuesta de Celts, los normandos, los sajones, Picts, los duendes, los duendes, Troggs, Beach Boys, y Beatles.

    Esta mezcla genética los ha hecho no sólo impuros pero también dócil y tolerante, como todos los chuchos. Son solamente las castas pedigríes, como el españoles y los irlandeses, que son colmo encadenado y puro y que por lo tanto hacen a fascistas fantásticos. Los fascistas británicos son desperdicios. Y la mayor parte de no son incluso cristiana. ¡Es una deshonra grande! Estoy seguro que había algo más que iba a hablar que era mucho más importante esta semana, pero ahora me están distrayendo. Estaba probly la muerte del artículo de Stephen Gately y de enero Moir en Daily Mail. Me pregunto qué S. Griffin pensó en ése. ¿Usted piensa cualquiera le preguntará?

  3. Steve Norton

    October 21, 2009 5:17 pm

    Hola Manuel

    Yes, I am British which may explain why my attention span gives way after 2 paragraphs.

    Not sure about your comment about mongrels and pure blood facists, though – I think your crazy Moorish blood is leading you astray there.

    The main reason fascism is never that attractive to the British is because the two historical things they still hang their patriotism on – having once held a huge, slightly pointless multi-ethnic empire, and standing against the nazis after the fall of France – don’t really sit easy with trying to deport descendants of that former empire or generally being a nazi. That, and the fact any public display of political passion always seems a bit.. well, studenty.

  4. Wally Wimpfel

    October 22, 2009 2:14 am

    Ach nein, I cannot believe in Irish racial purity when you say “Is only the pedigree breeds, like the Spanish and the Irish, that are high strung and pure…” Pedigree Irish are as scarce as water on the moon. We Irish are robust mongrel hybrids, consisting of genetic melange of fir bolg, tuatha de danann, viking rapists and chalice snatchers, Norman invaders, Cromwellite invaders and quaker settlers, french Hughuenot refugees, unsexy scottish presbyterians who fail to wear kilts because of objection to 39 dodgy Articles, Arab sailors from north africa who landed on Aran islands (cf. film documentary Atlantean by Garlic cineaste Bob McQuinn), und that Amero-Cuban hibernian hybrid Eamon de Valera who really messed us up with the treaty and civil war and chaste crossroads dancing girls, not forgetting son of Englisch stonemason Vater und Irische Mutter, P.H.Pearse, who fucked up Irish postal services in 1916 and probably stole a few penny blacks for his philatelic collection.

    If Steve Norton wants to follow Manuel’s exquisitedly subtle line of thinking und abentuerliche literary style he needs to master James Joyce, especially Ullysses for stream-of-unconscious after hard night’s drinking, and Finnegan’s Wake for stream of eclectic verbal indigestion. Either that or learn Castilian.

  5. Con Carroll

    October 27, 2009 6:18 pm

    one has to be always on the watch, for the rise of the political right. we can;t afford to dismiss them as having fantasy fetishes.
    we should be asking why did the BNP become elected to the european parliament
    have the left become disallusioned with their analysis

    this weekend in Dublin we witnessed Checz fascists arriving in Dublin, through joint efforts with AFA and sinn fein, their fascist party celebrations. in Tralee, were stopped as their booking into hostel was cancelled
    activists opposed to these scum monitored their movements from Dublin airport to the capital
    we have to look at Ukip in England. watch for Coir as they are now seeking to become a legitimate political party
    as people experience becoming redundant, political savage attacks by the political establishment.
    this is where these scum with political right racist agenda gain ground. this cannot be allowed to happen

    remember the nazi holocaust. NEVER AGAIN
    a injury to one is a injury to all.