Robinson’s Ma’am Laid

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Young Boys Will Stick Their Head Anywhere!

I have always found the politics in Northern Ireland very confusing, I must confess. As I am understand it, the place is divided up into two part, one ruled over by a militaristic authoritarian misogynistic reactionary Protestant fascism, which want to take everyone back to the 17th century, and the other part is rule over by a militaristic authoritarian misogynistic progressive Catholic fascism, which want to take everyone back to the 1920s. And even though they seem to have everything in common with one another, the main sticking plaster is they cannot agree over which football team to support. It all very much seem like a stork in a teacup!

My more sophistic readers who know their Jonathan Livingstone Swift will recognize the story here of Lilliver’s Travels, in which a giant man Lilliver is go to Northern Ireland and finds two communities at war over which end of a boiled egg should be opened at breakfast (the correct answer is neither; you should have toast and brandy for breakfast). Swift was write this rather shoddy analogy to poke fun at the Northern Irelanders and to draw attention to a phenomenal that is known to psychologists as the “Narcisssism of Small Differents.” What this mean is that the smaller the differents you are from someone, the more you hate them. I am not buying it myself, of course. It is those foreingers who are the problem, especially the Portuguese. Neverthenonetheless, his argument was thrown into swift (Si!) relief these past week by the starling revelations, which even the European papers are report, about the goings-on in the two communities.

In the Protestant Fascist community there have been a big outrage because the wife of the first minster has been have an affair with a teenage boy behind her husband’s back when he wasn’t looking (possibly he was, we don’t know). Iris Robinson, the questionable lady, is exemplifying a new modern type of woman which is being called in the media a “Jaguar.” This is a fast, espensive older lady who searches out young boys and then give them a smooth comfortable ride. The home of the Jaguar is Coventry, which presumably is now where Iris can be found. Of course, and typically for the liberal communist media, they are less interested in the corrupt decadent morality of modern life that could have enabled a woman to reach such a position of power and influence that she could seduce young boys, and more interested in the financial sheganigans that have surround the relationship, such as the possible kickbacks, backhanders, one-handers, handshandies, munchengladbacks and murunbuchstansangurs that have taken place, and therefore have throw the Northern Irish financial system into disrepute. Yes. We ALL know whose first concern is the state of the financial system: that secret Jewish Cabal that runs Northern Ireland behind all the scenes.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Fascist community have been doing its best to keep up, with its version of Addams Family Values. It is transpire that the brother of Jerry Addams was being allegated to have commit child abuse yet was able to work for youth groups in west Belfast and the Irish Republic and was also allow to be sitting in a chair on a branch in Sinn Fein three years after he was meant to have been expel from the party. In addition, the party is being accused of covering up claims of sexual abuse perpetrate by republicans against ladies. Addams is say that there is always smoke without fire, and both he and Peter Robinson are trying to wriggle off the hook that they have been hoist on. But, and as I am never cease to point out in my astute observations of modern life, this is always what happen when hierarchies are allowed to break down. Liberal communist notions of accountability, transparency, and democracy replace sensible concepts such as obedience, suffering in silence, self-sacrifice, and discipline. Once the Peace Process was take hold in Northern Ireland, everything went pie-high. Not to mention sky-eyed. A society that is on a permanent war footing, such as my ideal fascist society, would not allow such activities as these to ever see the light of day. A more rigid sense of discipline, a stricter hierarchy which ensure that a woman’s place is in the home and that children would be seen and not heard, the regular use of punishment beatings, and of course unswerving devotion and loyalty to church, God, and country would all have prevented any of this dreadful publicity that is now turning Northern Ireland into the subject of much ridicule. I have lose count now of how many times I have receive texts from people with Iris Robinson jokes, and I am not even have a mobile!

My favourite so far, however, is this one: Q: Why did Iris Robinson have an adulterous affair with a 19-year-old boy? A: because all Protestants are going to burn in Hell anyway.

Is a joke!

Finally, I feel it is my duty to warn all my readers about a spoof Ireland fascist site called Ireland First, (DO NOT CLICK on LINK!) which, as far as I can tell, is attempting to provide an intellectual foundation for fascism. Is a big disgrace! As you are know, I strongly object to any sort of thinking. Fascism must, by definition, be wilfully blind to all facts and base itself on faith alone, on the ecstatic bliss of sacrificing one’s own desires for the collective regardless of the moral consequences, on giving oneself over entirely to the myth of the totality, on losing one’s own identity in the values and culture of an artificially constructed and historically contingent “community” regardless of who actually benefits from the dissolution of one’s own autonomy, on surrendering all control over one’s own powers so that one can finally be free of the responsibility of thinking for oneself. Any attempt at intellectualizing fascism must surely be an attempt by decadent, cosmopolitan, alien forces to insinuate themselves into the fold. The last thing fascism needs is for the Jews to be running it!



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