Where is Fascist Aid?


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Earthquakes Leave Us All in a Difficult Position

Like everyone else in the world, I have been watching the earthquake coverage on the television from Haiti and making prayers morning noon and night that God will stop now. I am as lacking in compassion as the next man, so long as the next man is me, but even I am hope that we have learned the lesson from this terrible event that God was want us to learn and send it for.

The main lesson that I, personally, am draw from it is what a shoddy state of organization fascism is in today. I have been all over the Internet trying to locate a Fascist Aid or Fascist Emergency Relief for Haiti charity so that I could make a donate of some money, food, sperm, or whatever else they might need, but there is not one single such charity for me to give them to. And I have millions. Even when you go to Google and type in “Fascist Aid,” the first link is to Unicef! Now, I am have no doubt that Unicef is doing what it regard as a good job in Haiti, but it is not strictly a fascist organization in the sense that I understand it. Nor is Doctors without Boredom, Saves the Children, Hope for Haiti, Yèle Haiti, or Haiti Action. In fact, the nearest I could find to a fascist charity was Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund, and there is something about the two men fronting it, I cannot quite put my finger on what, but when I think of them and their past involvement and foreing countries, for some reason aid and assistance is not what spring readily to mind.

Anyway, is a terrible state of affairs when even the trade unions and the anarchist communist atheists have got organize enough to get help to Haiti and we fascists cannot even organize a piss-up in a beer hall.

For, make no mistake, Haiti is providing us with an opportunity to begin with a clean slate, to start afresh all over again, and nothing could be better for the world right now than a fully functioning fascist utopia to demonstrate to the peoples everywhere that the future lies in a fully militarized authoritarian past. However, when all the Yankees have gone home, do you think they will leave behind a fascist state? Some chance. Look at their track record: Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Nicaragua. Wherever they go, they leave behind Communist Socialist hells. Who could wish that on Haiti? It would be far better for them to know that aid is coming from benevolent fascists abroad who would like nothing better than to see their country standing proud and foreinger-free.

Sadly, so far, most fascists have done little more than use the issue of foreing aid as a stick with which to beat themselves. The fuhrer of the BNP in England, Sir Nick Griffle, for esample, has been saying that more elderly English people will die of the cold weather this winter in Britain than all the people who die in the Haiti earthquake! What a moron! This is muddle thinking of the worse kind and does not reflect well on fascism at all (is probly cause by jealousy at the nice weather in Port au Prince). People will just answer to him, “Well, Sir Nick, if all those old people was living in Haiti, they wouldn’t get the cold in the first place. Are you advocating we deport all our elderly people there? Is a strange policy for a fascist.”

In Spain also, the bishop of San Sebastian, José Ignacio Munilla, have been get in trouble for his comment that even though things are bad in Haiti, the situation is not as bad as it is for the Spanish peoples, who are suffering from a spiritual malaise-much worse therefore than any temporary physical discomfort-cause by materialism, consumerism, and having a socialist government. This is to neglect, I think, the fact that peoples in Haiti are not only have the physical malaise, they also have the spiritual malaise too, especially now that all their churches are collapse. Is nowhere now for them to make confession. Imagine the guilt they all must feel.

Best of all, however, was the born-again Protestant fascist Pat Robinson, not to be confused with Irish born-again Protestant fascist Pete Robinson, who was make the ridiculous claim on his TV show that the Haitians are being punished by God because they have been make a pact with the Devil in order to kick out the French. How ridiculous! Have you seen the French army? No. Neither have anybody else. But is hard to imagine that anyone would require the help of the Devil to kick them out of a brothel, let alone a whole country. The man is a total idiot! And I am not just say that because he is a Protestant.

For both my reader, therefore, I suppose you could use any of the above links to make the donations for Haiti if you can find no other alternative. Until fascists in the decadent corrupt West are get their act together, they will have to do. But be under no illusions. Giving your money to help others will not turn them into fascists overnight. It will take much more than that.



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2 Responses

  1. Pope Epopt

    January 29, 2010 11:32 am

    I share your pain, Manuel.

    However I’m comforted that some of our IMF quotas have gone to fund a proliferation of death-squads in Haiti. It’s a start, at least.