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Can I Have a Translation, Please!!

Anyone who is have even the smallest knowledge of Spain’s glorious imperial history will know that while all the other despicable Protestant European countries (Britain, Germany, Holland, France, and cetera) devoted their ambitions and attentions to exploiting the resources and benighted savages of Africa, creating the immoral, barbaric, and illegal slave economy, which was ultimately give rise to such atrocities as the movie Amistad, jazz music, the French football team, and 9/11, the pious Catholic empire of Spain was pursuing an ideological agenda of civilizing the appalling cannibalistic and Satanistic pagans of the Americas, such as the Inkas, the Aztecs, and the Matalans, bringing them the One True Church, the Word of Our Lord, a Mediterranean diet, and an ascetic attitude towards worldly goods which was mean they didn’t need their gold any more.

The one esception to this magnificent civilizing mission in America is the country of Equitorial Guinea, which acsidentally was fall into Spanish hands as a result of the Treaty of El Pardo in 1778. As a result of being ruled wisely by the Spanish, this part of Africa was become the richest part of the entire continent, making proof that the Spanish way of doing things is universally the best, so long as the Spanish are in charge, and also putting to shame all the other imperial powers who were embarrass by what a success we was making of Africa when they had universally rape and pillage it.

Sadly for the natives, Equitorial Guinea attain its independence in 1968, and it have been a downhill story ever since. Now it is ruled over by the dictator Teodoro Obiang, who you can see above in the picture. He is the one on the left. The man on the right is the man of the left Lula Ignacio de Silva of Brazil, who is now Obiang’s best friend, even though he is clearly in this photograph offering one of the most offensive insults in the Spanish gestural vocabulary. This upfront contempt is something that Obiang had better get use to, because according to the newspapers, Obiang is deliberately going out on his limbs try to seduce foreign powers to come to his country and suck off his massive oil reserves. Reuters is say:

Equatorial Guinea is one of the smallest nations in Africa, where the oil wealth is concentrate in government and elite hands, with around 70 percent of the more than one million population live in grinding poverty.

The country was discovering big offshore oil reserves in the 1990s and draw a rapid influx of investment from especially U.S. energy firms such as Exxon Mobil, Marathon Oil and Hess that turn it into a big oil supplier.

But production was start to decline earlier this decade, and the pace of investment is fall by about 30 percent between 2005 and 2008 to $1.3 billion, according to the latest United Nations statistics.

Obiang, who has rule the tiny former Spanish colony for over 30 years, is say it would not be easy to implement the reforms in his country, which gain independence 42 years ago.

“We will not ask the global advocacy groups that have criticise us to look the other way and stop their criticisms, but we are ask the international community to help us to help ourselves and help us implement this reform program so that we are become partners with the world’s democracies.”

and Associated Press is say:

The longtime leader of Equatorial Guinea was pledge Monday to make sweeping reforms in transparency and human rights in the country he has rule for three decades. But an international rights group was call it empty posturing from a corrupt leader intent on attract investors.

Teodoro Obiang Nguema told a meeting of investors and business leaders in Cape Town that his five-point plan will dramatically change conditions in the West African country, which is regularly criticize for its corruption, poor human rights record and grinding poverty despite its tremendous oil wealth.

Yes, yes, yes. We are all know that. Is typical Western liberal carping all about human rights, hospitals, freedom, poverty and that. So immerse in their own agenda are the media that they miss the major, most important aspect of this entire story. It was require a proper, unsentimental, right-wing paper to identify the real disgrace. Spanish paper ABC reports:

Obiang intenta hacer amigos proclamando el portugués lengua oficial de Guinea

El dictador busca así la legitimación internacional de que su país entre en la Comunidad de Países de Lengua Portuguesa.

Si!! You are read it right the first time! Obiang is going to make Portugueses the official language of the country, so that he can join the Commonwealth of Portuguese Speaking Countries!! Is a big disgrace! And is no coincidence, I am think, that this Commonwealth includes such oil-country powerhouses as Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, Venezuela, Angola, East Timor, and Goa. It is enough to make you puke through your nostril! Clearly, Obiang’s reforms have already started: How much more transparent can you get?!!

And look again at that headline: La Comunidad de Países de Lengua Portuguesa. The organization’s name isn’t even Portuguese. It is Spanish! What a joke.

I am like very much the line in this ABC article by Fátima Proença, who I espect is a Portuguese person, judging by her name. She says, “There is a risk that the organization of Lusofones will become known as the organization of Petrofones.” This is very funny in Spanish. And possibly also in Portuguese. I do not know. And this is my point. How can the people in this once-fine country, all of whom are speak Spanish, be suddenly espect to know what is being said about them by their new “friends,” all of whome have already known each other for a long time and are used to going to parties together, and all of whome also speak the same language, which the Guineas do not. I can see very well how this will all work out. The Portugueses will talk their own language to one another and then in Spanish to the Guineas, which will mean that the Guineas won’t have a clue what is going on while all their oil is being sucked off. Is the total reverse trick that the Basques use, speaking Basques esclusively when you go into one of their restaurants, but the minute you leave they are revert back to peaking Spanish again.

The poor Guineas will be in for a big shock now when their president is make his next speech and they cannot understand a word he is saying. In the old days of course, the solution would be obvious: Send down the Spanish military to liberate the country from this maniac. But that is not allowed any more unless you speak American, and we all know that Obama is a Portuguese name.

Is ironic that, just as our footballers have conquer the world in Africa, the last bit of Africa that was Spain is gone. All I can say is, is a good job that we got out with the only bit of gold left on the continent: the World Cup!

Is a joke!



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2 Responses

  1. Seano

    August 4, 2010 4:27 pm

    Muchos Bueno article.

    Just had a look at the Equatorial Guinea wikipedia page.

    Some of the countries interested in joining the commonwealth seem to have fairly tenuous reasons:
    AUSTRALIA and Phillipines – discovered by a portuguese person,
    Ukraine and Romania – ‘migratory fluxes’ with portugal.

    There’s a Brazilian community in Co. Galway, can we join and get some Guinea oil for ourselves?