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Reading Badiou


The Communist Hypothesis, Alain Badiou (Verso 2010) Alain Badiou: Key Concepts, edited by A.J. Bartlett & Justin Clemens (Acumen Publishing, 2010) Badiou’s Being and Event, Christopher Norris (Continuum 2009) Alain Badiou could be the most…

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Defending the Minimum Wage

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The vulnerability of weaker sections of society becomes obvious in times of recession. Already it is clear that those who can least afford further income reductions will be asked once again to ‘share the pain’…

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The Green Party and Housing

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I return again, like a dog to a buried bone, to the subject of the Grey Party (sorry Green Party). I took the opportunity, recently, of republishing their 2007 manifesto lest it be forgotten, and…

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