2010 FEPS/TASC Autumn Conference

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Details of the 2010 FEPS/TASC Autumn Conference have just been announced for those interested in attending. Full program and list of speakers is available here.

The booking form, which you have to complete and return to TASC is available here.

Registration forms should be returned to contact@tascnet.ie.

The Conference – entitled “Towards Recovery” – is being organised jointly by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and TASC on Saturday October 23rd in Croke Park in Dublin.

The event will examine many of the short and medium-term challenges facing us as we struggle to emerge from recession and chart a new economic course.  Participants will be drawn from academia, public administration and civil society organisations, and we look forward to having a range of experts present on the day.  Both TASC and FEPS include promoting debate and proposing alternative policies in the economic sphere as fundamental elements of their respective work programmes.  “Towards Recovery” will build on earlier events, such as the 2009 TASC Autumn Conference and FEPS’s economic seminar 2009 in Washington DC.

The following speakers are among those already confirmed.

  • Prof Bernadette Andreosso – Director of the Euro-Asia Centre at the University of Limerick
  • Pervenche Berès MEP – Chairperson of the EP’s Employment and Social Affairs Committee
  • David Begg – General Secretary of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions
  • Dr John Barry – Director of the Centre for Sustainability and Environmental Governance (QUB)
  • Bruce Campbell – Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • Prof Stephany Griffith-Jones Financial Markets Programme Director at the Initiative for Policy Dialogue, Columbia University, and author of Time for a Visible Hand: Lessons from the World Financial Crisis
  • Prof Ray Kinsella – Director of the Centre for Insurance Studies, UCD School of Business
  • Prof Terrence McDonough – Professor of Economics at NUIG
  • Dr Lawrence Mishel – President of the Economic Policy Institute (Washington)
  • Prof Seán Ó Riain – Chair of the National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis
  • Dr Michael O’Sullivan – Economist and author of Ireland and the Global Question
  • Dr Thomas Palley – Schwarz Economic Growth Fellow at the New America Foundation, author of Post-Keynesian Economics: Debt, Distribution and the Macro Economy
  • Asbjorn Wahl – Director of the Campaign for the Welfare State (Norway) and author of a book on the welfare state due to be published in English in 2011
  • Prof James Wickham – Director of the Employment Research Centre at TCD

……….and many more

There will be no conference fee; participants are only asked to engage actively in the sessions and debates.  We will, however, be accepting donations on the day to help defray some of the significant costs associated with organising this major event.

Your participation in, and contribution to, the debate would be greatly valued.  We  know that you have things to say on the themes outlined in the programme, and so we have reserved a place for you. To confirm your place please download the booking form here.

We would appreciate you letting us know whether or not you can take up your place by completing and returning the attached form.

The main conference on Saturday, October 23rd but will be preceded by an Expert Round Table on the economy on Friday, October 22nd.