Open Letter to All TDs, Senators, and MEPs in Ireland about the IMF and the need for an Election

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Dear TDs,

It’s time for an election. It really is.

How long more can this charade of pretending you have a mandate from the “people” go on? You never had a mandate from the people in the first place – at most you had about 41% of a mandate from the 40% that voted (that’s about 16% of “the people”). Given your approval ratings now (to say nothing about the IMF, just yet), if the same number of people voted in a General Election in the morning, you’d have about 7% of the country wishing you back (probably much lower since the IMF bagan “talks”). Only someone as brazen as you, Cowen, could say this is a mandate.

We are now in a situation that most of our policy, certainly all of our economic and much of our social, will be dictated by an unelected few, the IMF (I suppose some things never change!) and it is you – Fianna Fáil, abetted by the-then PDs, Independents the likes of Healy-Rae, and now also the Green Party – who are to blame. You who presided over the property bubble, the slashing of taxes, the light-touch regulation of the banking sector, the bailout of the banks, the setting up of NAMA, and now the introduction of the most reactionary, right-wing, anti-social body in the world, the IMF. The IMF, who have been responsible for the destruction of Chile, the destruction of Bolivia, the destruction of Haiti and the Philipines – and the support of military dictatorships in each of these countries, and many, many more. (At least Argentina had the wherewithal to finally say, Ya Basta! (“enough”) and stop paying; and well done to Venezuela for giving them the kind of “bailout” they needed – we could learn a lot.)

I would ask you to point to one country, just one, where IMF policy has been readily accepted and/or successful in terms of ending poverty, bridging the social divide, easing the democratic deficit, or decreasing crime? I’d be very surprised if you could find one, I certainly can’t, and I’ve been looking. I’ve been looking very hard to find one, just one – one glimmer of hope, and the only one I can find is the chance to vote you out of power as soon as possible. Today is a day too late.

It’s time for an election. It really is.

Mark C.