The Options

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The Options

All the papers are saying
the Invisible Hand
is on the way back.

Do you remember the last time it came,
not so long ago atall?

It stole your job.
It tried to throw you
out of your home.
It beat up your wife
and your children.
It kept pouring drink
down your brother’s
throat until he choked.
It tied the knot in
your niece’s boyfriend’s
suicide rope.
It smacked you so hard
on the top of the head
that before you got up
you were old.

Now all the politicians
are saying the Invisible Hand
is closing in,
and there’s nothing we
can do about it
Because we can’t see it,
But I reckon,
with a bit of luck,
if we all stretched
out our hands together
we might just
be able to grab it.

Because those are the options.

Photo of Aengus Ó Snodaigh being pinned back by a Gardai courtesy of, In pictures: Ireland’s day of economic and political turmoil

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