Unite Calls for Opposition Leaders to Reject EU/IMF Agreement

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The leader of the UNITE trade union in Ireland, Jimmy Kelly, has written to each of the opposition party leaders calling on them to reject the agreement announced last night between the Irish government and the EU and IMF.

He has further asked for commitments that banking debt will be written down and that the cash assets and pension reserve fund be ring fenced for investment in the Irish economy as the only means of escaping the spiral of recession the country is currently in.

“The agreement has achieved consensus across the economic and political spectrum in its condemnation,” said Kelly.

“If it is allowed to form the basis of our future, there will be no prospect of recovery, a level of debt that is unmanageable and the throwing away of the very assets which represent our only chance of recovery.”

“The problem has arisen from the private debts of a banking system over which we had no control and derived no benefit.”

“The agreement is worse than we could have imagined an Irish government could ever have signed up to.”

“We now expect our opposition political leaders to stand up where their rivals have fallen down.”

“UNITE’s 60,000 members in the Republic of Ireland will then have a chance to make up their mind over who to support in the general election which we believe should be held immediately.”

UNITE will publish its alternative ‘People’s Budget’ on Thursday morning, December 2nd.