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Films of the Year 2010


It wasn’t the greatest of years for cinema, to be honest, and it’s hard to figure why, unless the planets pulled sufficiently at once to put filmmakers from Buenos Aires to Tokyo to Rome sufficiently…

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Enough is Enough


Enough is Enough My ghost stepped in from the fog to the theatre, it fished out my tenner, was duly admitted to the warm innards, and in there it found that when furious people already…

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, , Comment Closed

Refoundation Shine light on the edge of the square and there a clutch of the creatures brass necks and ostrich eyes guffaw grins and slapped sore thighs walk without waking through the lanes the baton…

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You, Me, Everybody


In the weeks leading up to the budget, as the IMF were descending upon us to ‘talk’ and the plans were being laid out to widen the gap between rich and poor, a billboard campaign…

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