December Edition of the Socialist Voice Now Available

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The December edition of the Socialist Voice is now available.

The articles in this edition are:

* Break the connection with the euro! [EMC]
* The budget delivered as ordered
* Have faith in the people to rally and resist! [EMC]
* A geography lesson from the EU
* The IMF: A worker’s guide to our new rulers
* Bye-bye, Mary? [CC]
* Reclaiming our seas [CMK]
* Ghost estates and empty houses
* “Ne’er a wing, ne’er a wet” [CDF]
* Solidarity against militarism [CDF]
* Latin American news [JM]
* Wikileaks and Latin America [JM]
* The Mighty Stef and the Baptists [BH]
* One woman, one vote—or is it? [JC]
* Big oil, small village [EMC]

A PDF of the edition is available here.

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