The Beast Is Among Us (Again!!)


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Is Julian Donkey-Boy. Everything About Him Is Scream “Antichrist”!!!!

The always-reliable Bible (New Testament) is tell us that when the Antichrist is come to Earth, everything about him will make people think that he is really the Messiah, and you can see from the picture above that the founder of Wikileak is tick ALL the boxes in that regard. Not only is he blond and blue-eyed like Jesus, but also he is a reader of the communist atheist Guardian “newspaper” and he is use an Apple Mac laptop. Nothing could be more puke-inducinglish right-on and do-goody and decent and APPARENTLY moral, unless he was wearing a halo. Even his name is suggesting holiness: Julian Ass-Ange, which is mean Julian Donkey-Angel in French, a reminder of the birth of Our Lord in a manger in a stable in Australia all those years ago. Is therefore no coincidence, I think, that this sinister epitome of virtue has appear at this time of year, like an unmoving star in the firmnament, so that people deliberately make the connection between him and the true Messiah.

However, no true Catholic will be deceived by this façade. Or should I say, F-ass-ade? No. Is façade. Is a French word. For one thing, Wikileak itself is pretending to be a source of liberation for humanity that can only bring good results, as if knowledge and information were ever a blessing. All that Wikileak has done so far is sow dissension, doubt, mockery of authority, and social chaos. In a time when everyone sensible is agree that society and social cohesion is founded on trust, faith, obedience, and discipline, the very idea that knowledge wants to be free is an offence to humanity as a hole. We must keep knowledge in its place! There is more important things than knowledge and freedom, and those who preach otherwise are dissemblers and bringers of discord.

Also, if you say his name properly, Assange’s name in French is NOT donkey and angel but Ass-Singe. Si! He is revealed to be Julian Donkey-Monkey! Thus is esposed his true Darwinian atheist agenda and true patronage. The Book of Revelation by John the Hallucinator is telling us in Chapter 6 verses 65-67 that:

Beware the beast born of the coupling of ass and ape, who will rise when the Moon does not. There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth in his wake. In his bearing he will resemble Adam, but in his character he is the snake.

Everythin here is thus clear as liquid! You can see in the photo above that Donkey-Monkey is the bearer of the Apple! What was the Apple in the Garden of Eden? It was the forbidden fruit which Man ate at the bidding of the Snake. What was the apple represent? Knowledge! Which was what lead to Man’s downfall. Quod Bot Demstromandum. The Donkey-Monkey is the Snake!

The final bint in the jigsaw is the nonsense about the Moon not rising. This is make sense when you are realize that there is a lunar moon eclipse on December 21st this year, which is, not coincidentally, the Solstic, the longest night of the year, when everything is coated in darkness. Is truly the most appopriate time for the appearance of the antichrist himself, and God have sent us these warnings, in the sign of the eclipse, the Bible, the Apple computers, and the silly name Wikileak, to warn us that this man is the TOTAL INCARNATION OF EVIL INCARNATE! Approach him only with garlic and onions. Do not try to apprehend him, or he will use his special hypnotic powers and laser vision. Also he will fly away. Whatever British judges is say. He has secret wings.

In Franco’s day we would have all enjoy a massive show trial and witch burning before Donkey-Monkey was found correctly guilty and shot. Is a sad indictment of our world, I think, that we cannot do this anymore. There is lots of candidates who I would like to see burn at the steak, and is so cold at the moment that we could all do with a good fire to gather round and rub bodies together. Would be very good in itself for social cohesion. And even if there was not a fire, we would probly all be stick together by the cold.

Is a joke!

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2 Responses

  1. Pope Epopt

    December 24, 2010 12:36 pm

    Thank heaven that some still have clear eyes to see. The cult of the bitten apple and it’s role in the end-time is unveiled.

    It is now plain that those pressing devices with the mark of fallen humanity blatantly advertised to their heads are victims of a mind control experiment of eschatological proportions. This explains (but does not excuse) the orange eyewear and general gullibility.