Enough is Enough


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Enough is Enough

My ghost stepped in from the fog
to the theatre, it fished
out my tenner, was duly admitted
to the warm innards,
and in there it found that
when furious people
already have pittas ciabatas
and memories of hard chewed
grandmothers sodas
to pick from, when
the common old circus,
is rarer than teeth on an egg,
then, well then, to appease it
a good ringmaster can give
a whip of intellectual vigour,
tempered, with a flick of invective,
but not so much that he’d
lose us, see the people,
well there are no ‘peoples’
anymore, so the individuals
in bunches can be diverted
as easily with rhetoric,
as action ,my ghost devoured
handouts that had
a whiff of something
substantial, but melted in the brain
not in the hand, it had lucked
into a revolution for only a tenner,
cheap seated it listened, then revolted
in the swings and the roundabouts
360 to back where we started,
I put my coat on was spewed out
with a pulsing river of ghosts
all reassured that clever personas
knew things about things,
stuff about stuff,
and we didn’t need to do anything
but pay up and listen, this gem,
this trinket my ghost and I
had elicited, well I told it
to the welfare queue,
to the homeless, to the junkies,
the drunks, the depressed
the depraved and the listless,
though they didn’t appear greatful,
sure what the hell- I told the swans
and an old stray dog on some mission,
look at me, I’ve done something-
I went
I saw
I listened.

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