A Pork Belly’s Fence Back Fires

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A pork belly’s fence back fires

(In sympathy with Michael ‘Stroke’ Fahy)

The poor créatúr,

he’s the only one

you’d ever see

down my road.

Sure what harm

had he done,

only taking

what he could get-

wouldn’t any of us

have done the same.

Now the divil,

does his dirty work

not in the chamber

but in his chamber pot.

Once they caught him

he gave all the money back,

credit where credit is due.

The whole council

applauded his return

despite his convictions,

they kept theirs,

having voted

in good faith

to keep him on

the pay roll-

but that’s little

to him

and his months

in exile;

there’s nothing sadder

than a king deprived

of his kingdom,

but oh!

he got a royal welcome

when he came back.

It’s nice to see him

down my road again.

Charon does not take credit (Black Thursday 2010)

Four horsemen

sit snugly

in the cab

of a cement-mixer

thundering along

unfinished dual-carriage ways,

as the ghost estates


for mercy

in their flooded fields;

the ferryman

steers on

through the 10 golden circles

of hell,

a chorus of obese

and red faced cherubs


“we only took

the best advice given,

we only took

the best advice given”…

Old comrades and bath water

The water turned cold

long ago

his toe

has been stuck

in the tap

his arse

is the only thing

plugging the drain.

And this is

just how he

like it:

calling his wife

(long gone),

his dog

(long dead)

and then calling them

all the names under the sun.

Finding the face cloth

among the stale bubbles

he covers his eyes.

The journey to

the dry towel

is not an option.

Liam Duffy is a student of Public and Social Policy at the National University of Ireland, Galway, where he was the editor of their Writers Society’s magazine the Sharp Review. He recently took a break from Ireland to check out the poetry scene in Finland and study at the University of Helsinki. He has most recently been published in A Hudson view, The Rain town review, the anthology Emergency verse- poetry in defence of the welfare state. and read at the West Cork Literary Festival in Ireland as part of a reading dubbed: Irish Poets: A New Generation.

Photo of an ad for Independent Fianna Fail candidate Michael ‘Stroke’ Fahy published for the 1987 General Election courtesy of Irish Election Literature.

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