EU hauled to court over secrecy in India trade talks | Reuters

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EU hauled to court over secrecy in India trade talks | Reuters

Good work from Corporate Europe Observatory, who are bringing the EU to court about their unwillingness to disclose what they said to Industry about opening up the Indian market to them.

"Transparency campaigners have hauled the European Union's executive to court for withholding documents about free trade talks with India, intensifying pressure on the bloc to make its policy-making less secretive.

The lawsuit, lodged with the EU's second-highest court on Tuesday, accuses the EU Commission of breaking transparency and democracy rules by refusing to disclose to campaigners details of plans shared with EU industry on how to open Indian markets.

"Industry lobbies enjoy massively privileged access and influence in trade negotiations, even when there are concerns from other quarters that this is threatening Indian labour rights and access to medicines," said Pia Eberhardt, campaigner for Corporate Europe Observatory, which lodged the complaint."

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