The February issue of the Socialist Voice is out now

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The February issue of the Socialist Voice is out now.

The articles from the current issue listed below can be seen on the site, or in a PDF here.

• Repudiate the debt!
• Will an election change anything? [EMC]
• Political collapse, and the alternatives [CMK]
• Illegitimate, odious, and perpetual! [NL]
• Further banking losses likely [NL]
• We have rights only in so far as we are able to defend them [EMC]
• SIPTU members in Veolia receive 2½ per cent increase
• Private health care is undermining the public health system [EMC]
• The future of the community sector—Part 1 [TR]
• The Spanish government and ETA’s ceasefire [TMS]
• Israeli repression of Palestinians and Jewish activists continues [KS]
• “Irish Artists’ Pledge to Boycott Israel” reaches 200 signatures
• Latin American countries recognise Palestine [JM]
• Another year at the New Theatre [RJW]
• Letter: Donegal South-West

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