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¿Why Does My Home Smell All Fishy?

There is a very wily, clever, cunning word-play, probly invented by The Jews, according to which it is argued that Jesus Christ was NOT a Christian. ¡Sí! ¿How ridiculous is that? ¡It was his surname, for Christ’s sake! Saying this is like saying that I am not an Estímulon. It would make no sense whatsoever. And yet this is what the atheist communist Jews are try to instinuate: Jesus was a Jew, they say, deliberately trying to discredit Jesus and sow doubt amongst the Christian faithful, particularly those of them who have not read the Bible. The intention is to make them start think to themselfs, “Oh dear, maybe that is true. Perhaps it is in the Bible and I was not aware of it. I had better not admit I am not sure. But wait. Perhaps I am being taken for a mick. ¿After all, if Jesus wasn’t a Christian, then why are there so many of us? I shall ask my priest in the morning. He will know. He knows everything. He would have heard during Confession if there was any truth to the rumour.” And so most Christians are usually stay Christians, fortunately, but still the gnawing doubt has have been put in their heads by the evil Jews, and so when the first time the Christians read the Bible and find out that Jesus was a Jew, they realize that the priest is a liar and lose all faith in the Bible and Jesus. Because of the Jews. The wily cunning Jews.

The moral is: Do not read the Bible. Especially if you are Christian.

In a similar way, Karl Marx, who was also a Jew, like Jesus, but not a Christian, although he did become a Christian, being baptized when he was 6, once said, “I am not a Marxist.” Which again was just confuse everyone. But remember, Marx was a Jew, and he was using what is called Dialectical Mentalism, which was invented by Plato (not a Jew, as far as I can ascertain), which is a way of saying something and its opposite both at the same time. Which is what The Jews do. You see, Marx was a Marxist, being named Marx, but he wasn’t not a follower of Marx, who are also called Marxists, because they are dicks. Similarly, Jesus wasn’t not a follower of Jesus, unless you count the Holy Ghost, who was also Jesus and God and who followed him around everywhere. What Jesus and Marx are really mean is simply that they did not believe in themselves. Such low self-esteem is quite normal for high achievers. For esample, you only have to take one look at the world around you to realize that God was lacking in self-belief. It did not stop Him from creating the Universe. Indeed, it was his main motivation, his Prime Mover, if you will. If it wasn’t for self-doubt, none of us would be here. I think. Although I am not sure.

Karl Marx was enough of a Marxist, however, to know the writings of Karl Marx, wherein he was correctly saying that “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.” And he is not alone in being correctly saying this, or in being a Marxist to the degree that he believe it. Indeed, all the ruling classes of societies are good enough Marxists to know that this is true. Moreover, they are further good enough Marxists to know that the most important aspect of being the ruling class is to keep hidden from all the other classes that there is a class struggle going on. Because so long as the other classes are not aware of it, they will not try to organize against the ruling class in order to secure a larger portion of the social cheese.

It was the absence of this knowledge which is what was strike me the most about all the stupid moron commentary which have been taking place in Ireland over the last week in response to the stupid moron general election there. Liberal writer Fintan the Toole in the Irish Times last week, for instance, says ridic things such as that the Irish people have voted to endorse the EU-IMF bailout. Lots of other people are say things like, “I cannot understand it. The people have voted for the same thing that they have just voted out. ¡Another right-wing government!” This lack of awareness is a good thing, of course, from my own personal fascist perspective, even though I would prefer they had no election at all. And also no Internet or Fintan the Toole. And you will find hundreds of comments like this, all incredulous that the “Irish People” “don’t get it” or “are idiots” or “deserve everything they get after voting for austerity,” or “are timid, cowardly, conservative people.” Which all really just prove none of the above but that the commenters themselves are big suckers and dupes. Or if they are not dupes they are dupliciting.

Because the big unmentioned yellow elephant in the room is class. It is a classroom. As someone else once said somewhere else (it might have been Jesus), “there is a class war being waged, but only one side is aware of it.” You see, it is not being the “Irish people” or “the voters” who have voted for the Fine Gaels. No. It is the professional and ruling and chattering classes who was voted for them, and they have did so with a perfectly cold and reasonable logic too. They are know full well that the policies which the Fine Gaels will implement in the process of running Ireland will not hurt them anywhere near as much as they will hammer the idiot working classes and the poor and the young. And they know this because the Fine Gaels have told them so.

You must never underestimate the capacity of the upper, middle, and professional classes to protect their own interests, tothe exclusion of everything else. You must realize that they did not get where they are today by hard work. No. They got where they are today by protecting their privileges, their wealth, and their unequal opportunities, AND by denying and minimizing them to others. The more they can ensure that social mobility is reduced for those beneath them, then the safer they are feel; the less competition there is, the more secure are their privileges. The Fine Gaels know this full well, and so they are shape their electoral message loud and clear and sent it to their target demographic: Everyone must share the pain, but that doesn’t not mean the pain must be share equally. Indeed, under the Fine Gaels, relatively speaking, you will be better off than before.

QED: The Fine Gaels are a Marxist party.

The only worrying aspect of the stupid moron general election was that this time it is become clear increasingly that the idiot subject classes are start to become aware that their interest is not being serve by the government. Once upon the time, they was use to vote for the right-wing populist Fianna Fail party, who was always sure to give them crumbs from the dinner table, but now they are begin to catch on that they are engaged in a game that they cannot not win. This time around, some of them voted for communist parties such as the Labour Party or the atheist People Without Prophets, which is a very worrying sign and should be stopped immediately. If that sort of insubordinate behaviour is allow to spread, we could end up with a repeat of the civil war. And I am not mean the Spanish Civil War for Golf, which we win, or the Irish Civil War, which we was also win, but the English Civil War, the one which had with romantic lovely royalist Calvaliers but also the mean Protestant ugly Skinheads and, worse, the spit-on-their-hands Diggers, the trouserless Sans Culottes, the dog-on-a-string Levellers, the New Model Army, the Muggletonians, and the Mekons. The sound track might appeal to the middle ages, but the dress sense will be appalling. And no true-blooded Irish man wants to fight in an English Civil War. He would want both sides to lose.

The plan now is that the Fine Gaels can con the idiot Labour Party into coming into government with them. This will make the government look like it is being run in the national interest and will help to conceal its real agenda of protecting the wealthy. And when the protests inevitably start, it will be the Labour Party which will take all the stick. And all the stone. Like a police man’s riot shield. And the Fine Gaels are his baton. The presence of the Labour Party in government will also serve to divide again the subject classes and disillusion them with the possibility of solidarity and therefore the possibility of successful struggle. As long as then all the workers and poor do not emigrate, then the system can keep on working.

Someone had better close the borders.

¡Is a joke!

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7 Responses

  1. Seanán Kerr

    March 2, 2011 4:40 pm

    The writer makes good points but is nowhere near as funny as he thinks he is.

  2. Pope Epopt

    March 2, 2011 10:17 pm

    I am sure you will sure my disappointment that the usurper in the Holy See has gone against millenia of Catholic teaching since the time of John the Baptist and tries to pretend that not every Jew was responsible for the killing our Lord.

    Is political correctness gone mad!

  3. Pope Epopt

    March 2, 2011 10:18 pm

    sure = share as I’m sure a scholar such as your good self will have worked out.

  4. Manuel Estimulo

    March 3, 2011 9:48 am

    Hola Popt!

    Sí, I am always read the messages from Irish peoples foneticly in order to make sense out of them. And even then sometimes it is not working.

    There is no surprise for me in the Usurper Bendedict’s actions. The Real Pope John Paul Mark Two will be spinning in his prison cell.

    “pretend” is correct. All proper decent holy Roman Catholics will continue to hold all Jews responsible for deicide.

    Not the death metal band. Americans are responsible for that.



  5. Manuel Estimulo

    March 3, 2011 9:55 am

    Hola Prude!

    Marx said it himself, but I do not know if he can blaspheme against himself. Is a form of verbal self-abuse, I suppose.

    Also, it is not true that while being crucified Jesus said, “Sod this for a lark. Christianity isn’t worth all this hassle.”

    This is a rumour spread by the Jews. Jesus did not self-abuse himself on the cross.