What the Arab peoples signify to us | Jean-Luc Nancy

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What the Arab peoples signify to us | Jean-Luc Nancy

As William Wall mentions on the facebook link for this article by Jean-Luc Nancy, on what the Arab revolutions mean for everyone across the world….

A beautiful piece of writing, beautifully translated…

It was published in in Libération on the 28th March, 2011. Translated by Gilbert Leung for the excellent Critical Legal Thinking.

The Arab peoples are signifying to us that resistance and revolt are with us once again, and that history is moving beyond History. They are doing it, as is appropriate, with all the fortune and misfortune that it involves. At the very least they have sent an irreversible signal whose effects we can expect to see across Africa and in the odious perpetuation of the drama on Canaan’s ancient land. In one of the places where we least expected this revolt to occur, a leader of the gang (officially, of the State) crushes it, ready to liquidate whoever necessary of his supposed people.

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