March for the Alternative | Dan Hind | The Return of the Public

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March for the Alternative | Dan Hind | The Return of the Public

In this piece on the March for the Alternative Dan Hind points out that there’s not much of an alternative provided in the Trade Union led campaign.

“The Labour party the unions created now believes that there is no alternative to a financialised economy run by privately owned, but publicly guaranteed, banks. Those who control credit must be given every encouragement and inducement and nothing can be proposed that might unnerve the financial markets. That is the position of the leader of the opposition and his front bench. Union leaders can call on the support of the Parliamentary Labour Party as much as they like. They will not get it while the Labour party, like the rest of the political class, remains overwhelmingly committed to the neoliberal settlement.”

Also, the “unions can only grow and reassert themselves in the national life only if they are able to articulate an account of political economy that addresses both how we distribute private spoils and how we secure the common wealth.”

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