Dublin Anarchists Bookfair 2011: Liberty Hall on the 14th of May

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Taken from WSM, about the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair 2011 in Liberty Hall on the 14th of May. Worth highlighting too that Conor McCabe will be giving a talk at it based on his forthcoming book Sins of the Father: Tracing the Decisions That Shaped the Irish Economy

This year, for the most part, the meetings reflect the current state of world affairs. In a meeting entitled “Peripheral Visions,” a range of speakers from the countries of the EU that are being targeted for IMF/ECB intervention speak out on direct rule from the those institutions and the struggle against austerity. Confirmed at the time of writing are anarchists from Portugal (Manuel Baptista) and Spain (Manu Garcia) as well as anarchist speakers from Greece and Ireland.

Wayne Price (of the North Eastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists) from New York will speak on “Anarchism & Socialism: Reformism or Revolution?” and Gariel Kuhn (author of Soccer versus The State) speaks on the subversive side of sport, while Conor McCabe of Dublin Opinion and Irish Left Review looks at matters closer to home, with a session based around his new book (out in June) called “Sins of the Father: Tracing the Decisions That Shaped the Irish Economy.” There will also be a meeting on the current events unfolding across North Africa and the Middle East entitled “Arab Spring,” with speakers to be announced, other sessions by Irish based Revolutionary Anarcha-Feminist Group (RAG), Choice Ireland and Shell to Sea.

Alongside all of the above will be the Bookfair itself, with a host of stalls from home and abroad; AK Press, Rebel County Books, the Irish Labour History Society, the Anarchist Federation, Shell to Sea, RAG, the IPSC, the WSM book service stall and many more.

If your on Facebook RSVP and tell your friends about the Bookfair with the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair Facebook event

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Donagh is the editor of Irish Left Review. Contact Donagh through email: dublinopinionAtgmail.com

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  1. John Green

    April 30, 2011 8:05 pm

    Will look forward to seeing you all there. Will you post more details of Conor’s talk as and when you have details, please?