Crisisjam #17 – The Very Special Queen Elizabeth II Visit to Ireland Commemorative Edition

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CrisisJam #17 – a very special pewter-coated, ermine-lined commemorative edition issued in the wake of the visit of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II to Ireland – is out now on or browse the links below.

Reflections on the maturation in Ireland Introducing this very special, pewter coated, ermine lined commemorative edition, Gavan Titley reflects, maturely, on symbolism, politics, and domopolitics.

Signifyin‘ Symbolic gestures are all well and good, as is symbolic symbolism in general, but mind out lest those interpreting the symbols invest them with some significances, while obscuring others, writes Hugh Green.

The day éirígí saved Dublin The Dublin Smite and Lockdown of 2011 didn’t go unnoticed by that city’s citizens, but was notable for how casually it was imposed; and for the hole in mainstream comment where criticisms of the basic infringement of civil liberties it constituted should have been. In Ireland’s new Emergency, writes Dublin Dilettante, the time is never right for questions, let alone protest.

The Queen in the postcolony Talking about the effects of a long history of colonisation is not exemplary of the holding of a ‘petty grudge’ or a failure to let go of the past, writes Cian O’Callaghan. The effects of Ireland’s particular history on its particular present cannot so easily be dismissed, and deserve to be engaged with.

Onwards and backwards? There are plenty of parallels to be drawn between Ireland in 2011 and Ireland in 1911, writes Adam Larragy; indeed, we are ominously close now to where we were then.