Ronnie Kasrils will launch his new book,”The Unlikely Secret Agent” at Connolly Books 14th of June

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Ronnie Kasrils will launch his new book
“The Unlikely Secret Agent”
Dublin on the 14th June.

Connolly Book

“The Unlikely Secret Agent” by South African struggle veteran Ronnie Kasrils.

The book is a real-life romance and thriller about his late wife and their daring exploits at the commencement of the armed struggle in 1961-63. It deals with her arrest, brutal interrogation and amazing escape from police custody.

The book has been shortlisted for South Africa’s most prestigious literary prize.The author, a life long freedom fighter was minister in South Africa’s government 1994-2008, will discuss the book.

The book has been shortlisted (with 4 others) for South Africa’s prestigious Alan Paton Award for non-fiction in 2010. Announcement will be made on 25 June.

We hope you will be able to turn up on the evening.


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