We have broken the silence: Fresh from Madrid, an interview with a member of the Communications team of Real Democracy NOW!

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We have broken the silence: Fresh from Madrid, an interview with a member of the Communications team of Democracia Real YA!

Interview with Beatriz Pérez, communications representative with Democracia Real YA, took place in the early morning of Thursday 26 May. She makes this point about the objective of changing Spanish politics, but acknowledging the influence of events in Egypt:

We are making a Spanish politics. But I think the basics can be imported to any country in the world. Egypt was on everybody’s mind. I always had their image in my head and I think it was very important for us. They had no freedom. Their government was a dictatorship. They had it so much worse than us. Yet they were saying, “Hey, we are here, we want freedom and we want it now”. So for me, of course it was an influence.

On the approach to mainstream media and the use of the internet

The media say that they want to know your ‘news’. But your news is that you are doing it differently, which doesn’t give them news.

Totally, but it seems to me that it is difficult for the movement to understand this. We were saying these kind of things at the beginning, that we are doing it in our own way and we have no need to do things as the media want. But we’ve forgotten this and now we are trying to get into the media. And also I think that we haven’t interiorised that we are in a deep learning process and that we have achieved so much in a week and half.  And we need to focus on what we have achieved and not just on what we have not got right. This is a criticism of myself as well. In this pressure you tend to focus on what is going wrong.  We need to slow down, step back and look at what we have achieved to gain the strength to keep going.

And what is the role of the internet? You are not building a traditional organisation like a party, but you are building an organisation?

The internet is giving us the tools to know what everybody is doing everywhere. It is also a tool for getting together on the website, in a virtual square. This is very important for when the movement loses its strength in the physical places, like Sol, we will still be there on the internet.

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