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It Will be Grand | Cunning Hired Knaves

Richard of Cunning Hired Knaves has a translation of a joint statement from the citizens of Sol in Spain and Syntagma in Greece, against the proposed debt ceilings which the establishment of Eurozone countries are prepared to write into their constitutions. In Ireland this is uncontroversial. Sure, it may need a referendum, but just keep on paying off those bonds in full without a squeak and it’ll be grand.

The Citizens in Sol and Syntagma express our outrage and we invite all those outraged in every square to join us.

From the US to Brussels, from Greece to Bolivia, from Spain to Tunisia, the crisis of capitalism is worsening. And those who caused it are the ones imposing their prescriptions for overcoming it. These are: channelling public funds into private financial entities and making the public pay the bill with austerity plans which do not take us out of the crisis but rather sink us deeper into it.

In the European Union, the attacks on sovereign debt by the financial markets submit cowardly governments to blackmail and hold parliaments hostage, who in turn adopt unjust measures behind the backs of the people who elected them. European institutions, far from taking firm political decisions in the face of the attacks by the financial sharks, align themselves with them.

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