The Peter Daly Society Wexford

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The recently formed Peter Daly Society Wexford will unveil a memorial stone to the Socialist Republican Peter Daly in Monageer (Enniscorthy) Co. Wexford on Saturday the 3rd of September at 6.00 pm.

Peter Daly fought and died with the Irish contingent of the International Brigade in the war against fascism in Spain in September 1937. He had been reared and went to school in Tinnacross and later Monageer. His life was spent in the republican and working class movement in Ireland and England before volunteering to fight for the Spanish Republic.

The guest speaker at the launch will be Spanish Civil War historian Harry Owens and the Cuban Spanish Ambassador ,Teresita Trujillo has been invited to attend. The evening’s entertainment will be provided by popular folk singer Pol Mac Adaim from Belfast.

The Peter Daly Society Society was founded to complete the memorial to his memory but also to provide a forum for discussing the application of his socialist republican ideas to contemporary problems in Irish society. To that end the society will be sponsoring debates and discussions in Wexford on an ongoing basis.

For further information contact ………..Steve McCann …..087 4132560

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